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That's right! We're commercializing again this Holiday Season! Get in the consumer spirit and check out what SGVY has available for you this year. Also, there's a comic!
Dunno Who This Is
But I'm working more with the iPad Pro! More at Sketchbook:

SGVY Edda 14.4 Pencils
Oh yeah, I should post these. XD It's coming along!


It's Beginning to Look Like...
SUMMER! And the Holidays. XD Here's Trevor and my tree! Check out those sweet SGVY Holiday Special 2015 Lanterns on it. You can get one and A SKETCH of your favorite character for just $8 right now. Here's the link:

Sushi and Wine
After Supanova Pop Culture Expo BNE dinner with friends! I had a lot of fun! Thanks, y'all! Also, Bulma lookin' awesome. #cosplay #Brisnova #DBZ

More cosplay fun at Supanova Pop Culture Expo Brisbane! Feel free to tag yourself!

Hey! I'm at Supanova Pop Culture Expo Brisbane! Awesome cosplay ahoy!

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