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When there's Valks on the patrol, it's dangerous to go outside! Can Chiaki console Yuuki? Is there any end to his imprisonment and GLORIOUS TRAINING? Who is Ladyboner? Find out in this latest, greatest issue of Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki!
Something's Coming
Over at Sketchbook: #ohmy

Drew some stuff recently, including making a man's dreams come true. Head on over to Sketchbook for more! (Sorry, Dasien XD )

Just Another #HashtagHoliday
Had this on my mind for a while, and thought I'd make it real. See it all at Sketchbook! :D

2 weeks ago (comment or like)

Order Up!
Bando likes what Bondis cookin up! #bondi #videogame

3 weeks ago (comment or like)

Bando the Dragon LCD Game?!
See the video and a busty kangaroo girl at Sketchbook: #gameandwatch #videogames

3 weeks ago (comment or like)

It's a heatwave, baby. See the whole picture at Sketchbook.

4 weeks ago (comment or like)

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