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A giant woman? A giant woman! A giant woman. A giant woman? A GIANT woman! A GIANT woman? A giant WOMAN! A giant WOMAN.
Sketcherin' after a wild week, so here's some wild girls, including one's who's temporarily a girl. ????

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In Living Color
Thanks to Martin for this coloring of one of my sketches! Looks like you're getting the hang of the new tablet. ???? (P.S. Thank you!! ????)

???@SGVY Testing out my new tablet - of course I had to start by colouring (poorly) one of your sketches :P PS: You're still awesome???
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Bigger and Better
Thanks to RedInk for more awesome #Easter #bunnygirl #fanart, now with TV's Mr. Neil's Dasien! You got the advantage, Yuuki! Don't give up! ????

She's Got the Assets ????
Let's keep Bunny Day going! Check out this awesome comic featuring Dasien, Parker, and Yuuki from TV's Mr. Neil. 2017 Montrose Sexiness Champion, Parker Lynn Bailey! ????????????

Happy Easter 2017!

Kind of a slap-dash page this year. Yuuki and Das have been trying to out-sexy each other, but then all of a sudden...

DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN-DUNNNNN!!!!! Here comes a new challenger!!!!

Hope every has fun finding eggs...and other round-shaped things.

Happy Easter from Dasien and Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki (SGVY)!

Here's a little something something for y'all featuring Yuuki and Dasien's Parker. ???? #Easter #pinup

My Easter Basket Overfloweth
Oh no, Yuuki, it's PERFECT. ???? Thank you to RedInk for this awesome Easter fanart. (Even if Dasien is jealous. ????)
#easter #dasien #sgvy #fanart #thicc

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