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When there's Valks on the patrol, it's dangerous to go outside! Can Chiaki console Yuuki? Is there any end to his imprisonment and GLORIOUS TRAINING? Who is Ladyboner? Find out in this latest, greatest issue of Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki!
Storyboarding SNAX
Working on a comic to go along with the new game project is working on. We've got a title: "Solid Neon Arcana Xigils". What's a Xigil? You'll find out soon!

Sketchbook: #snax #xigils #comics #storyboard #witch #cats

Dirty Work
Being sick sucks, but not as much as it sucks for these bad guys! Utilizing fever dreams for good!

I think I figured out the support ships. Find out how it works at Sketchbook: #gamedev #suck #birds #vacuum #space #spaceship #ilovecandy

New follower. Started reading SGVY some years ago, just getting caught up. I like the direction it's going. Hate to sound like a shipper, but I've wanted to see Yuuki and Chiaki get together.

Wonder.what is new in sapphic Gwen's life?

Working on some stuff for the witches! This spaceship is based on a cauldron and sort of based on Baba Yaga's house. I think it's just silly enough. Do you think this is a proper spaceship for witches? Should the broom riders have a bubble around them? Let me know!


Happy Monday!
Here's a Candy and Pretz being all cute to get your day or night started.

For more of Candy and Pretz:

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