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A new Edda begins! And we're back to the teleconference with Odin. Good luck, Yuuki! Also, what happened to Hermod? Find out in this latest issue!
I Watched Ant-Man Again
I so love Luis. He is so perfect. <3

Blast from the Past
Hey! It's Yuuki in the latest Crossoverkill Flashback. I really love the facial expressions by Dasien's Neil. ^_^

Mindmistress discovers why her years-long search across the multiverse has turned up no other beings like her. She, along with Dasien, Mechagical Girl Lisa (A.N.T.), Dead Debbie and others, will attempt to solve the mystery of the missing doppelgangers as they take on the evil CROSSOVERLORD! And the???

It's Happening!!
I'm doing the 24 Hour Comic Day Perth again this year! I hope you'll come by this October 3 (October 2 for you in the Western Hemisphere!) and watch the fun. :D

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???#24HCDPerth signups are open now! Take up the challenge, and make something awesome. Register here #24HCD???

All Is Possible
One thing Shrimp Paradise does is it allows me the experience of a planted tank without the hell of a planted tank. :D

Today's Adventure
Oh lol... XD

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My Vita Is Stylin'
Check out this sweet Nightmare Moon charm I bought from Mamath! THE HAIR IS TRANSPARENT!! So cool! :D

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