Latest Comic
Haruki finds himself with a triple threat... no, make that a SEXTUPLE THREAT! Of boobs! Otsana and Shebi are moving back in with a new friend, Fuyuko the Ptarmigan Valkyrie! Wackiness ensues!
First Look
When I emerged from the trains, and where was I? IN AKIBA!!

Next Stop: JAPAN!!

Yuuki's Gone Batty!
THANK YOU SO MUCH to Satal for making me this lovely Yuuki bat! I love him so much. You are the BEST! Also, Holy Gozangas, Batman!


Dat Surf
Dreaming of that surf.

Sketchbook: #beach #babes #dinosaur #WannaGo

Mmmm, Gold Foil Cover
Look at this shiny goodness I just got from Alisha Jade ( Yay, #SevenCollection!

Come Together
Something special I whipped up for two special people on their special day. Congratulations, y'all!


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