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Welp, looks like the monkey's out of the bag! Who is this person that has Hermod in a tizzy? Is tizzy a word still used? It should be, because this is a tizzy! Revelations, ahoy!
WHEN?! MUST GO TO Hello Kitty Diner Australia.

Sydney's Instagram output is about to skyrocket.

Sketchfiend Spoils!
Here's the sketches from the May 24th Sketchfiend. Thank you again to the commissioners! :D

No Sketchfiend on 6/6. Instead, you can watch me make a comic in 24 hours in the 24Hour Comic Challenge 2015! If you want more info, to follow the comics as they're made, and to vote for your favorite when they're done, be sure to like the page:

Sketchfiend Is Over!
Thank you so much to everyone who came by today! I had a lot of fun talking with all of you and especially doing sketches for the lucky winners. Sketches and video to be posted soon!

Sketchfiend Begins!
Come on by for streaming and sketching fun! We're starting now! :D

Sketchfiend Live is happening soon! Will you be at when the sketches start? :D

Sketchfiend Tomorrow!
I hope you'll come on by and watch the stream. I'll be doing sketches for lucky lotto winners, so try your luck if you want a NAME YOUR OWN PRICE SKETCH! See you there! :D


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