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A giant woman? A giant woman! A giant woman. A giant woman? A GIANT woman! A GIANT woman? A giant WOMAN! A giant WOMAN.
Let's go there. Sketchbook:

???You'll search high and low for boobs dat fine.
Sketchbook: #pinup #bikini #characterdesign???

In with the New
Making new business cards! Here's one of the elements I used. Love me some royal poinciana. ????
Sketchbook: #flowers #brisbane

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It's already better than Bubsy 3D. Sketchbook:
#KidsAskYourParentsAboutBubsy3D #SorryAccolade uMake #3dmodeling???

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Sketchbook: #pinupart #sketchbook #sexy #TurnMeOn???

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I'm Lovin' It
???Celebrating 186! (Permanent Residency for Australia) #Jay2017???

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