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Otsana wakes up to a world of pain, only to find herself and Shebi about to be in a world of pain! Welp, you depowered valks better find a way out of this one. Good luck, girls! Also, Yuuki's around!
Night and Day

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Thank you so much, everyone! We've hit the magical 2000 likes! In honor of this occasion, I'm going to give away a commission! I'll do a bust, which is perfect for a profile pic.

All you have to do to enter is Like Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki (SGVY), like this picture, and tell me what you want for your bust. Please keep it PG-13 so I can share it here, and I reserve the right to refuse shit I don't want to draw, which as you all know is a short list.

Be sure to enter before Oct. 22, 9:00pm AEST (11:00am UTC), because that's when I'm going to roll in for the winner. You don't have to be there. Just make sure you check this page for the winner!

Good luck, everyone! :D


Today's offering at Sketchbook is the cover I'm working on for Itari Party! 04. It's gonna be hot, y'all! :D

Today's kind of been buh for art, but I worked a bit on character design for a comic idea I had recently.

Mayor Prism Make-Up!
I was putting up the J-List glasses and had an idea. XD #AnimalCrossing #SailorMoon #personalassistant #isabelle

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