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Well, looks like Hermod is back in Freya's presence again. Does he do no-ask returns, or is he a bitch? This and some candid photography in the latest issue of SGVY! Please read!
What are they reading? Maybe some fine comics from perhaps? ^_^

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Oh My Glob!
And we get to see, yes? :D

BUBBLINE LIVES! Well, sort of.

C'est la vie, It's Sailor V
I got my Sailor V and Artemis plush keychains! Yay! And look their hands attach. Cute! :D

SMASH! 2014 Sketches
I've put up the sketches I did at SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show 2014 on Sketchbook. 26 SKETCHES! Thank you to everyone who commissioned one. I'll be back for more! :D

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My first time at SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show! Check out these awesome costumes! :D

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Mini Danboard's eyes glow. He and Yotsuba Mark II Magazine Edition look good together.

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