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Otsana wakes up to a world of pain, only to find herself and Shebi about to be in a world of pain! Welp, you depowered valks better find a way out of this one. Good luck, girls! Also, Yuuki's around!
24 Hour Comic Day Perth
I'll be doing the 24 Hour Comic Day Perth Challenge this year! I'll be posting to FB and Twitter during the event, so you can follow along as I draw 24 pages in 24 hours! :D

Lookin' Good! looks awesome on the iPhone 6 Plus. :D

It's #HumpDay! Celebrate with some sexy smut! Montrosemart has Quickies! and All the Smut comic CBRs (18+) available for $5 and less! Sexy Fun lives at! :D

Things are heating up between Lina from Slayers and Bloom of Winx Club. Poor Gourry and Prince Sky. ^_^;;

Oh Villager...

No. 68 - Its a Dogs Life But is Rush really happy? (Special thanks to DinnerSonic for the idea on this one!) -Press Start

Sketchfiend 2014.9.14
Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the event and to the commissioners! Another awesome Sketchfiend down! The video of the WIP as well as the sketches are up at Sketchbook for you to check out. Let's do it again soon! :D

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