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When there's Valks on the patrol, it's dangerous to go outside! Can Chiaki console Yuuki? Is there any end to his imprisonment and GLORIOUS TRAINING? Who is Ladyboner? Find out in this latest, greatest issue of Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki!
The Boku no Hero Academia train continues as I finally finished this cute pic of Uraraka. Floating into your dreams~

Thinking about having a sexy Christmas stream. What do y'all think?

Sketchbook: #bokunoheroacademia #uravity #uraraka #fanart #anime #myheroacademia

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All for Dekuko
Thank you so much to everyone who came by the stream today, and especially thank you to the commissioner, michelous! I had a lot of Christmas Fun today. Please check out the sped-up video at Sketchbook to see me illustrate Dekuko, daughter of Naruto in an alternate dimension, who has All for One AND the Sharingan:
#bokunoheroacademia #rule63 #deku

That's All for Now!
Thank you to everyone who came by the stream tonight, and a big thank you to mike for commissioning Dekuko! Final piece and sped-up video coming soon!

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Let's Color!
Aren't at for the streaming fun? Change that now! We're waiting. #bokunoheroacademia #myheroacademia #deku #izuku #genderswap #anime #fanart

Stream Is Go!
Head on over to if you want to see Fem Izumi get inked!

Streaming Soon!
Ready to get PLUS ULTRA, Genderswap Style?! Head on over to for streaming fun! #bokunoheroacademia #fanart #commissions #stream #streaming #genderswap

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