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Well, looks like Hermod is back in Freya's presence again. Does he do no-ask returns, or is he a bitch? This and some candid photography in the latest issue of SGVY! Please read!
Oh My Glob!
And we get to see, yes? :D

BUBBLINE LIVES! Well, sort of.

C'est la vie, It's Sailor V
I got my Sailor V and Artemis plush keychains! Yay! And look their hands attach. Cute! :D

SMASH! 2014 Sketches
I've put up the sketches I did at SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show 2014 on Sketchbook. 26 SKETCHES! Thank you to everyone who commissioned one. I'll be back for more! :D

My first time at SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show! Check out these awesome costumes! :D

Mini Danboard's eyes glow. He and Yotsuba Mark II Magazine Edition look good together.

Parker's Nominated!
Check it out! Dasien's Parker has been nominated for Best Supporting Character in the DrunkDuck Webcomics' 2014 Awards. Congratulations! :D

Parker Lynn Bailey - Best Supporting Character Nominee
2 weeks ago (comment or like)

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