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A giant woman? A giant woman! A giant woman. A giant woman? A GIANT woman! A GIANT woman? A giant WOMAN! A giant WOMAN.
Done Right
Y'all, Sega got it right. I'm using a REAL CONTROLLER with an iOS port. PLEASE BRING Panzer Dragoon Saga to SEGA Forever!

(See, Nintendo, this is how to do a REAL mobile platform in 2017! Let someone else do the hardware, and LET ME HAVE A REAL CONTROLLER.)


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It's a blocky life for me.
Sketchbook: #minecraft #parrot

Dreaming of the Beach~
Sketchbook: #mipha #link #zelda #BreathOfTheWild #wip #sketch #nintendo #fanart

And The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is OVAAAAAR!

Thanks Alisha for lending me the Nintendo Switch! You are super awesome!

Every Cartoon Needs a Kid!
Some concept art fun with RedInk! Is Chibiyuu canon? Enjoy: #sgvy #webcomic #valkyrie #whatif #sidekick

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