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Hooray! Training! The gods love it, and you will too! But first, it's time to explain some things. I hope you have your learnin' cap! Enjoy!
Meet Ry??
This is my fav of my succulents right now, Ry??, named because it reminds me of a dragon. It's budding like crazy! Its parent is in the background.

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Bodyswap Comic Drop
Got a comic commission I just finished over at Sketchbook. It's VERY NSFW, so click at your own risk: ;D

Also! Have you gotten your FREE COMIC yet? Head on over to Sketchbook to get a free 24 hour comic, WITH SEXY JUMPSUITS:

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And It'll Never Come Out
I just got the stupidest accessory in the world because I collect stupid accessories. XD #amiibo #AdmittingMistakes

Happy Boobaweenie!
Hope you get some tricks and treats this Halloween! ;D

Microsoft is releasing a laptop, and Apple is releasing a console. Dogs and cats, living together! XD

I Know a Celeb!
This is Tigger, and he's now a character in Prettygreat's new awesome game Land Sliders. I know him! He talks a lot and is very lazy. Unless you have something string-like. XD

Coming up with character ideas can take a lot of time. But sometimes inspiration has been staring you in the face for hours, wanting food and tummy rubs. Meet Tigger, the real life Lazy Cat from Land Sliders!

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