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A giant woman? A giant woman! A giant woman. A giant woman? A GIANT woman! A GIANT woman? A giant WOMAN! A giant WOMAN.
I was going through my games and had a great idea. ???????? #ChristmasTree #xmas #gameboy #retrogaming #nintendo #pokemon #yoshi

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???GO SEE #MOANA. Beautiful, funny, and The Rock IS AWESOME. Best Disney movie in decades. The end is what Ghibli's Ponyo wanted to be. ???????????????

Outside? ????
???It's a scorcher in SEQ! Thankfully I got sweet #pinball zines to read (thanks to Heimdall!) and some #PinballFX2 #PSVR. Cool times ahead! ?????????

Prettygreat Beta Signup
Help my friend Hugh and the awesome guys at Prettygreat beta test their new game!

Are you cool? Do you like video games? Sweet!

Since you???ve come this far, maybe you???re willing to go a little further. We???re looking for folks to help us test our super awesome upcoming game!

We???re be running a series of tests over the coming weeks and months, so this is your opportunity to become part of the early community and shape the way the game evolves through your play and direct feedback.

Please only register if you are willing and able to play the game regularly (once/twice a week is a good early benchmark) during ongoing development, sometimes at specific times which we will advise beforehand. We need to test LOTS of stuff, and can???t take up valuable tester spots for those who just want to check it out. Thanks for understanding, and look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts!

Sign up here -

OMG I FINALLY GOT FREYA. #AMIIBO ARE BEST THING EVER. Also, now I can rid the town of uchi. ???? #AnimalCrossing #YouAreNeverLeaving

So Blue
I bought your copy of Salamander, Hitomi. #famicom Brisbane Video Game & Pop Culture Market #retrogaming

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