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Seems that our intrepid magical animal Hermod is at the end of his rope. Will things turn around for him? Or will they get even worse? Always bet on worse. Let's watch! Also, Squish Squish!
PonyCon AU Artist Challenge
Here's the video from the Artist Challenge I took part of at PonyCon AU. It was a lot of fun, and man, I was surrounded by some talented artists! Check it out! :D

The Artist Drawing Challenge from PonyCon AU 2015 Welcome to PonyCon AU: Seapony Paradise's Artist Drawing Challenge! Where we had our Special Guest Artist P...
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Deco Latte!
I got some Deco Latte, those discs used for easy coffee art. It seems to blend better with milk, not so much with almond milk (big blob o' gelatin in your mouth!). Still fun! :D


Server Is Back!
The chat will be back soon. Thanks for your patience!

Server Down
Sorry, guys. The server got drunk again and drove the car to New York. I'm not sure how it did that considering there's an ocean separating it between Iceland and NY. Anyway, we're on it. ^_^;;

Chiaki Character Sheet
I finally got around to doing a character sheet for Chiaki. I also put the Emergency Sketchfiend sketches up on Sketchbook. Check it out! :D

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