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Seems that our intrepid magical animal Hermod is at the end of his rope. Will things turn around for him? Or will they get even worse? Always bet on worse. Let's watch! Also, Squish Squish!
Kea Kea by Kittyhawk
My new minicomic, Kea Kea, is now available at Montrosemart! I put a preview up at Sketchbook. It's only $2 and in high quality CBR format. Please check it out at today!

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Happy Chatting
Montrosechat is back! :D

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We're back! :D

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Emergency Sketchfiend Over!
Thanks to everyone who came out to the event. Sorry it wasn't a real one, but I'll be doing another one again soon. ^_^

Here's the results from today's streaming!

It's pretty shitty, but we're doing it! Come on by and chat. Ask for a sketch!

Technical Difficulties
Sorry for the chat and page going down y'all! We're working on it. We'll announce whether the streaming event is happening or delayed in 15 minutes. ^_^;;

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