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Welp, looks like the monkey's out of the bag! Who is this person that has Hermod in a tizzy? Is tizzy a word still used? It should be, because this is a tizzy! Revelations, ahoy!
More Cosplay Photos!
Check out these photos from Caillen of today's SGVY cosplay. It was so much fun!

Today we went to Supanova as a SGVY group! We couldn't spend all day in our costumes because of the temperature but it was awesome fun!! Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki (SGVY) is awesome!!!
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SGVY Cosplay
Check out what Caillen and Crew were up to at Supanova Pop Culture Expo Gold Coast! Thank you so much y'all! I had so much fun. :D

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Last Minute Cosplay Work!
Working hard! Almost done!

Comic Book Meet-Up
I hope you're coming to the Monthly Comic Book Meet-Up at Brisbane Square Library tonight. It's going to be a lot of fun! :D

YOUTUBE movie trailers on the BIG SCREEN (hosted by Luke/Liam)
COMICS/pop culture chats - playing/watching/reading/doing etc etc (hosted by Kara/Brad)
COMIC BOOK TRIVIA with PRIZES!!! (hosted by Brad)

No previous knowledge required, ages 13+, bring your friends!!

PLEASE SHARE with your buddies, and let me know if you are interested in distributing flyers around the city on wed/thurs or at Supanova Gold Coast over the weekend so that we can get lots of numbers :)

Paul and Amanda will be away at Oz Comic Con Adelaide for this one, but we have complete faith in our regular attendees to keep everything running smoothly! Any questions please post them below!

A Certain Cave Valkyrie
Going to Supanova Pop Culture Expo Gold Coast? Look out for this #cosplay on Saturday along with something special from Caillen! :D #Goldnova

I See Runes
What's all this Caillen is working on? :D

I used to have a kitchen and dining area... #cosplaylife

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