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When there's Valks on the patrol, it's dangerous to go outside! Can Chiaki console Yuuki? Is there any end to his imprisonment and GLORIOUS TRAINING? Who is Ladyboner? Find out in this latest, greatest issue of Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki!
Thank you so much to Key-Feathers art for this awesome illustration of a Kea, the best bird. It's such a lovely commission, so much detail! I love it! Please be sure to check out her art and her amazing art dolls (I have a couple myself!).

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Making the World a Better Place
Thanks also to my partner in boobs, Red Ink, we convinced TV's Mr. Neil that Goldie needed upgrades. I love it! More More More!

New Costume: Goldie

Playing around with Goldie's costume at the suggestion of Kittyhawk.

Cosmetic physical (silicone) alteration also at the suggestion of Kittyhawk.
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A Whole Lot!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out today for the stream, and thank you so much to the commissioners! I think I should do more character designs and storyboards on streams. I have something GAME RELATED I want to start working on, so want to watch the WIP?

And that's all folks! Thanks for coming by the stream! I'll have the sped-up video and art up on later.

In the meantime, keep on chatting in the free world:

Making Magic!
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Come on by at 8pm EDT (1am UTC, 10am AEST) for a great time chatting, listening to tunes, and watching me storyboard a commission comic. See what it's about! Take a wild guess! See you there!

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