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Haruki finds himself with a triple threat... no, make that a SEXTUPLE THREAT! Of boobs! Otsana and Shebi are moving back in with a new friend, Fuyuko the Ptarmigan Valkyrie! Wackiness ensues!
Whale of a Sticker
Thank you so much to Mamath for my #whaleshark sticker and AVCon: patches! Whale Sharks are best! You can get the whale shark sticker from her store!

Edda 15!
Working on the next Edda of It's looking like 45 pages!

Sketchbook: #webcomics #wip

Slack Is Back!
We've made slacking off less buggy! Play WallBall and Flippy Fantasy for FREE at No firewall can stop us! #gaming #fun

Got my Macinbot Classic! He's so cute!! I love the easy-to-place magnet arms. Clever!

Sketchbook: #mac #toy #mlp

A Lady and Her Age
This is so great! Satellite Nine made everyone look so cute too! Be sure to check out Satellite Nine's Magical Girl Neil and TV's Mr. Neil's Dasien!

@sgvy @neilsama Sorry.

We will heal the world with the power of "Beasus"! Another month of Pandemic Legacy successfully completed. #pandemic #boardgames #winning

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