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Seems that our intrepid magical animal Hermod is at the end of his rope. Will things turn around for him? Or will they get even worse? Always bet on worse. Let's watch! Also, Squish Squish!
Room 801 Schedule
Only two months to the best yaoi/yuri convention on the planet! I hope you'll be in Sydney for this one! I definitely will. :D I'll be doing a couple of panels as well as doing some live drawing. It's going to be a blast!

Early bird ticket sales end this weekend:

Room 801 is different from other conventions in that our main focus is on bringing you a high quality program of presentations, panels, workshops and screenings. Our programming covers art, fiction...
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Streaming = Success
So the first test of Montroseacademy's streaming was successful! Check out what ReD commissioned. We'll be doing another very soon! :D

Sketchbook post:

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I'm Doing an Art Stream
Hey y'all, we're testing our #streaming right now, so if you want to watch me do art, I'm gonna work for a while. BTW, not through YT or Twitch! It's all Montroseacademy! :D

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Otsana Character Sheet
A little late considering what's happened in SGVY, but we've got big plans here at the Montroseacademy. ;D

There's a hint over at Sketchbook:

We're Ready for Space

Montrosechat Is Back!
So get in there and chat!

Edit: We came, we saw, we kicked its ass! #Ghost has been trapped! XD

???We're back! #irc???

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