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Haruki finds himself with a triple threat... no, make that a SEXTUPLE THREAT! Of boobs! Otsana and Shebi are moving back in with a new friend, Fuyuko the Ptarmigan Valkyrie! Wackiness ensues!
Suit Up! New Dasien Comic!
Head on over to for a touching update. Emotions are running high with the death of a fellow and intimate superhero, but what about Parker's past...?

Out There
Sketchbook: #mountainsrnice # Procreate

Oh Baby
I just saw Level 5 of Rez thanks to #PSVR, and it was fucking insane. Now I have to go back and beat it... When I can feel my arm again.

The world's first glimpse at Rez Infinite -- the ultimate version of Sega's classic psychodelic rail-shooter adventure Rez, fully remastered and evolved, inc...


Thor: Ragnarok
"You know, I used to want to be a Valkyrie when I was younger, until I found out you were all women." Oh, Yuuki found a way.

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Sofubi Increases!
Sketchbook: #sofubi #oneup #vag #vinylartistgacha #mechagodzilla #raichu #pokemon #picopico #sciencepatrol

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