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Ho ho ho! Merry Crossover! What happens when Yuuki and Yuuri find the "We Are All Connected" Blue Angel Jessie Holiday Edition with Extra Chronotons? Could it be they go to another universe perhaps with Dasien? I don't know either! Let's read and find out!

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SGVY & Dasien Holiday Special Pg 7/12
And then everyone died. Not really. XD

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SGVY & Dasien Holiday Special Pg 6/12
GO GET HER, PARKER! :D If you're confused, read from the beginning:

SGVY & Dasien Holiday Special Pg 5/12
And now, for something completely different...

SGVY & Dasien Holiday Special Pg 4/12
Uh oh! Looks like the Valks are up and ready to rumble! Dasien! Take control of the situation! Enjoy, everyone. :D

SGVY & Dasien Holiday Special Pg 3/12
Dasien's suited up and ready for action! Is she ready for what she finds? I don't think anyone is. XD

Comic Book Meet-Up!
Hey Brisbanites! There's a Comic Book Meet-Up that happens at Brisbane Square Library once a month, and there's one this Friday. Paul Mason of The Soldier Legacy Comic Book will be there, and I'll be giving a 10 minute talk about manga I like and my comics. Come and tell us what comics you're reading! It should be a fun time. :D

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