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That's right! We're commercializing again this Holiday Season! Get in the consumer spirit and check out what SGVY has available for you this year. Also, there's a comic!
Holiday Lantern Sale
Get yourself or someone you love something special this year: an SGVY Holiday Lantern! It comes with a SKETCH OF YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER! Just let me know who you want. :D Just $8! Get one now:

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Connected S3E9
If you missed it, here's the Youtube link to the Connected episode Mamath and I were on. We talk about being independent creators with the hosts along with a young adult author and local musician! :D

On this show, we get creative with a couple of local sketch artists. We chat to author Jason Kendrick about his new book and have music from Kate McKay.
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Get your fill of #Thanksgiving comics over at Sketchbook:

Thanks so much to Dasien's Neil for doing this art trade! I really love the guest appearance in his. XD

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I Like Where This Is Going
Even if it's not going there. XD I got a Turkey Day Dasien treat coming y'all's way roasting on the Cintiq. ;D

Something coming!

How do I tease yet another Kittyhawk page without spoiling what the gag is about?

Simple! I lie! The image here is a complete lie. This doesn't happen. No no no.

But it'll get boners rising, which is what Dasien is all about!

Check out Kittyhawk's awesome TG-magical girl comic at!

If you get 31 Digital, then tune in to Connected tomorrow at 8:30pm AEST to see Mamath and I talk about being indie creators. It was a ton of fun to do. I hope you'll watch! :D

BEHIND THE SCENES: We asked Hinksy to show us his artistic side. This is what we got. Get creative with us this Wednesday night at 8.30pm on 31 Digital.

SGVY Holiday Special!
Get in the consumer mood this season with a special SGVY Holiday Special 2015 Lantern! Don't know what that is? Read the comic first to find out why you need one really bad:

Happy Holidays from SGVY! :D

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