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Fuyuko has seen something shocking! What could it be? Is it her target? Is it a parfait? Read on to find out, dear reader!
Read my Twitter review if you want to know how bad it gets. My god, Chris Sexworth is the only good thing in this movie. DO NOT WATCH, DO NOT GO TO THEATER, DO NOT PASS GO.

???Alright, I saw it, and I'm gonna say it up front: #Ghostbusters was a shitshow. DO NOT WATCH. DO NOT GO TO THEATER. DO NOT PASS GO.???

Birthday Overfloweth!
AAAAHHHH!! Pablo is the best! Look at this cute piece he did for my birthday! Thank you!! ????????

Be sure to check out POWAH for Pablo's awesome comics! ????

Yuuki Got Back!
Thank you SO MUCH to Rorschach for this awesome continuation of Babes and Dinos: Yuuki and T-rex! I love it so much! Thank you!!????

Check out the rest of Ror's awesome art here:

Help, my house has been invaded by birbs! #HatofulBoyfriend

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Pokemon Go Security PSA

EDIT 2016-7-13: It's been fixed! Sort of! I'll let Trevor explain:

New update reportedly fixes this. You should know that you need to log out and back in to have it affect your account. Updating the app alone is not enough. I say reportedly because the new version will not launch for me so I can test. Quality!

Warning, if you can help it. Be logged in when you update. I believe the app assumes an "upgrade" stance on launch and is confused when no player information is available.

This is based on nothing on my part except an highly refined understanding of how broken teams do things. New technical details reveal I was 100% right about how Niantic had implemented the OAUTH login. Right now I'm 1:1 with predicting this particular subset of broke.


ATTENTION! DO NOT USE YOUR MAIN GOOGLE ACCOUNT ON POKEMON GO! Nintendo gets full access to EMAIL, SEARCH HISTORY, AND CONTACTS! If they get hacked (which they will), then you are FUCKED. Use the link below to remove your account. You will lose everything, but that's better than losing your PERSONAL INFORMATION to hackers. Also, I have been advised to change the password as it was entered into their UI. GG, Nintendo!

Make a new account just for Pokemon Go! Be safe, PokeTrainers!

EDIT: This seems to be only iOS (sneaky Google!), and since most people use iOS to mobile game, this is still very useful. Niantic claims to be fixing it, but I'll believe it when I see it.

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Happy Birthday, Yuuki! Er, you got something... You know what, let's leave it this way. XD


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