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A giant woman? A giant woman! A giant woman. A giant woman? A GIANT woman! A GIANT woman? A giant WOMAN! A giant WOMAN.
Meanwhile at the Montroseacademy...

What? Ev'body Loves Leotards!
Ahahaha! That's great. And sexy. Thank you very much, TV's Mr. Neil! I love it.

(Pssst, y'all, check out if you haven't yet!)

For Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki (SGVY)!

From your pal, Dasien!

...and thank you.
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We conquered Star Trek: The Next Generation Interactive VCR Board Game - A Klingon Challenge with ~17min to go! Go Chief Mamath! You deserve the medal. #startrek #boardgames #vhs

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Baby Driver is AMAZING. BEST MOVIE I SEEN THIS YEAR SO FAR. I am in love. Cars, cute couple, and AWESOME SOUNDTRACK.

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OK, You Got Me
This meme actually pushed me over into preordering one. Secret of Mana? OK. Star Fox 2? Whoa, finally. Super Famicom aesthetic? GIVE ME NOW.

4 weeks ago (comment or like)

Selfie Time!
Check out this cute art by Satellite Nine of her Magical Girl Neil, Yuuki, Chiaki, and Myu Myu-chan! So cute!! I love the facial expressions. Also, delicious ramen!

Selfie time! With @SGVY
4 weeks ago (comment or like)

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