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Yuuki comes screen to screen with Odin, the great leader of the Aesir! What does Odin have to say to Yuuki, and what has he to say about Yuuki’s masculinity? You’ll find out in this exciting teleconference issue of SGVY!
She's Just Drawn That Way
I'm doing NAME YOUR OWN PRICE SKETCHES again tomorrow at Supanova Pop Culture Expo Brisbane! Come to Table A104!
#brisnova #JessicaRabbit #fanart

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Stupid Sexy Joffrey!
#Supanova Pop Culture Expo #Brisbane

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Suck It!
Pizza Hut is better than Dominos! #Supanova #Brisbane

7 hours ago (comment or like)

Awesome cosplay already at Supanova Pop Culture Expo Brisbane. :D

8 hours ago (comment or like)

READY!! (Sort of!)
Supanova Pop Culture Expo Brisbane is about to start! Despite the hailstorm, Beabravo and I are here! Come get a NAME YOUR OWN PRICE SKETCH from Table A104 in The Alley. :D

10 hours ago (comment or like)

Hope you're coming, because I'm doing NAME YOUR OWN PRICE SKETCHES! Just come by Table A104 in The Alley, and state your idea and price. Anything within reason and law! Beabravo and I will also have comics, DIGITAL COMICS (courtesy of Montrosemart), needlefelt, and prints. See you there! :D

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