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Fuyuko has seen something shocking! What could it be? Is it her target? Is it a parfait? Read on to find out, dear reader!
Gay Pride! Yay! ??????????????????????

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NSFW Vector
Thank you so much to CayleyGraph for this fanvector of a sketch I did of Mai. Check out the uncensored version at Sketchbook:

Check out CayleyGraph's dA as well!

Romance Sells
I GOT MY BLUSH BOX GAMES T-SHIRT! Beabravo did the art. It's so cool!

#SupanovaSydney is over! THANK YOU to all who tried Newbook! Be on the lookout for the #Kickstarter! #E3 #retrogaming

Last Chance
Last day of Sydney Supanova Pop Culture Expo! Come by Table 74 to try out the Natural Alpha Newbook before the Kickstarter!

A New Way to Play. Newbook.

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