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Haruki finds himself with a triple threat... no, make that a SEXTUPLE THREAT! Of boobs! Otsana and Shebi are moving back in with a new friend, Fuyuko the Ptarmigan Valkyrie! Wackiness ensues!
Christmas Cuteness coming your way thanks to TV's Mr. Neil's Dasien! Also, Palody is awesome! Enjoy!

At long last, Dasien Chapter 11 is COMPLETE!

Go read the last 25 page right now!

EDIT: I found a few graphical glitches. I'm fixing them right now. If you spot any typos, let me know.
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Oh Oh Oh!
Well, I wonder what he has in his sack?


Star Wars: The Last Jedi
If all the porgs had been replaced with pugs, this movie would've been Oscar winning GOLD. #PugsNotPorgs

Perfect Diamond
Loving the hell out of #landofthelustrous. More at Sketchbook:

Ding Ding Ding
It's Xmas, and the Tree is up! It snowed sofubi!

Sketchbook: #xmastree #sofubi

Sketchbook: #sgvy #sketches

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