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A new Edda begins! And we're back to the teleconference with Odin. Good luck, Yuuki! Also, what happened to Hermod? Find out in this latest issue!
Crisis Make-Up!!
This is some really cool photography with the S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Moon. I love the origami butterflies so much! :D

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Crossoverkill Flashback
The naked time begins! Is that...? Enjoy! :D

Kittyhawk's Commentary: Ohohoho, I love shower scenes! I guess that's why I was asked to do this (THANK YOU!). Yes, there is an uncensored version of the final panel. I obsessed about MM and Hoodoo's nipple colors for too long considering you can't
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Be Careful What You Wish
Yuuki's learned that lesson in this commission I just finished up. Well, maybe more if the guy can't do it, you shouldn't push it! XD

Check out the full version at Sketchbook:

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Got a new curio cabinet so I can store treasures. :D

Crossoverkill Flashback
Oh boy! It's the Shower Scene! Nakedness to come in the next few pages. :D

Kittyhawk's Commentary:

"Uwaaaaa... Backgrounds, my enemy! I think I did OK with doing a sci-fi background. Oh and hey! There's some short-short robes. I thought shading MM's butt a bit would be a nice touch."

Edda ??: Leotard Saga!!
I approve of Yuuki's new armor courtesy of Dasien! Dat ass too. ;D #LeotardsAreLove

Thanks, Neil! :D

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