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A new Edda begins! And we're back to the teleconference with Odin. Good luck, Yuuki! Also, what happened to Hermod? Find out in this latest issue!
Caillen Is Dragon*Con Bound!
Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki (SGVY) cosplayer, Caillen, will be headed to Dragon*Con this year! I hope you have fun, Caillen! If y'all see her, be sure to say hi to her. :D

Change in plans!! :D Won't be attending OZCC Brisbane because...GOING TO DRAGONCON!!!

Aaaagh. So excited. Will anyone else be there? Please say hi to this semi-shy cosplayer from Australia ;o;
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Itari Party! 05 (18+)
Hey y'all! Y'all ready for some more 1980s Video Game Office Porn? Well, "Itari Party! Game Select 05" is now available at for just $5! Steve needs his budget approved, but this harpy won't approve it, unless she can be persuaded... forcefully. Lots of domination fun in this story of getting what you want by getting down to business. ;D

Check out the preview over at Sketchbook, because at Montrosemart, you try before you buy:

"God Save the Busty Queen" by Kittyhawk is the 24Hour Comic Challenge 2015 Australia 1st Prize Winner in the 24 Page category! OMG! THANK YOU, EVERYONE, FOR VOTING FOR ME! I'm so happy! Here's the announcement:

I'm still giving the comic away for free, so here's the link to Sketchbook so you can snag a digital copy:


Sexy Couch Time (NSFW)
Head on over to Sketchbook for sexy times on the couch:

"Let's fool around!" XD

My birthday present from Trevor is super early, but whatever! I have Dandy and Honey! Yay! :D

I'm going to take good shots of them this week!

I'm taking a few now. Get on over to Sketchbook for instructions on how to get one! :D

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