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Otsana wakes up to a world of pain, only to find herself and Shebi about to be in a world of pain! Welp, you depowered valks better find a way out of this one. Good luck, girls! Also, Yuuki's around!
Crazy Cat Lady by Alexis Sugden
Cat lovers! We've got a comic for you today at Montrosemart: Crazy Cat Lady by Alexis Sugden Art! This purrfectly cute comic is the winner of 24hr Comikaze Challenge 2013. Join Crazy Cat Lady as she learns how to be human... er, sort of human with her snarky kitty companion Malky. It's just $2 and DRM-free! Use any CBR reader you want! Check out today! (=^^=)

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24 Hour Comic Day Perth
I'm going for it this weekend and making a 24 page comic in 24 hours! Since and I are in Brisvegas, we're submitting online. Woohoo! Follow me here, on Twitter (@SGVY), Montrosechat (, or Sketchbook ( this Saturday, October 4 @10am AWST (Oct 3 @10pm EDT, Oct 4 @2am UTC). :D

Well after a fantastic response this year we've reached our venue capacity early. If you've left it late and would still like to take part online posting your work online to Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #24HCDPerth, you can do so by commenting on this post and or by sending us a message.

We'll get you sorted with an information pack, and a starting idea for this year's Storybook theme.
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Out of Town 2 (18+)
Remember "Out of Town"? It's back, and now Mike's getting in touch with his feminine side. ^_~ There's also a free CBR for you to download and read on-the-go. I hope you enjoy!

Just something that's been on my mind.

Itari Party! (18+) Previews
I put up previews of Itari Party! Game Select 01 & 02, now available at Montrosemart. The actual product is uncensored, and at $3, it's a deal! Buy either 01 or 02 before October 8, and you'll get the other for FREE! That's right! Get both for just $3. You can't say no to that!

So remember, :D

Itari Party! (18+)
Welcome to 1980s video game office porn! Itari Party! (18+) follows some of the people working at a gaming company in the 80s, and the SEXY adventures they have. We're offering up the first two chapters at Montrosemart, and if you buy one on or before October 8, 2014, you'll get both for just $3! What a deal! Get your fap on today at ;D

Itari Party harkens back to the old days of game programming when everyone had sex in the office! Welcome to 1980s video game office porn!

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