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Otsana wakes up to a world of pain, only to find herself and Shebi about to be in a world of pain! Welp, you depowered valks better find a way out of this one. Good luck, girls! Also, Yuuki's around!
ZICS 2014 Sketches
Alright! I got my sketches up from Zine and Indie Comic Symposium 2014 up at Sketchbook. Check them out! :D

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DC doesn't like silly superheroes. Superman isn't impressed.

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ZICS 2014 Swag
Woo! Another haul! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who traded and for the freebies. I'm tagging everyone I can in this photo. Please check them all out!

First row, top: Silent Army Storeroom "Dailies", Minicomicon founder Alisha Jade's "The Little Big Book of Black and White Pinups", the newest issue of Ashcan Comics

Second row: "Goo Nebula Panic" by with play pieces, Puppycat by Beabravo, The Dtime Comics Zine Issues 1 (52/250) and 2 (24/250) by Dtime Comics

Third row: SEGA shirt from Nick Smith - ArtNuggets.Net (not from ZICS, but still cool! Read "Hilt"!), "Batman and Robin Bootleg" by Zenyaku, "Nic & Craig Go to Japan: A Travel Comic" by Nic Lawson from the CanberraZine Emporium's World Famous Canberra Zine Vending Machine

Fourth row, bottom: Soy ink printed bag from Rizzeria Printer, "LUV Comics: A Geeks' Guide to Girls" Special Edition by Sally Browne and Dan Gilmore, Into the Black Hole by Ashley Ronning (

On the visualizer! Did some fanart of Nick Smith - ArtNuggets.Net's Fiona from his excellent "Hilt". Thanks so much for the shirt, Nick! :D

ZICS Day 2
We're here selling digital comics for another day. If you're in Brisbane today, head on down and get a NAME YOUR OWN PRICE SKETCH at Zine and Indie Comic Symposium from Table #19!

It's inaccurate, but whatever. INDRICOTHERIUM!!

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