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Well, it's a few months late, but here's the finale for the SGVY Holiday Special 2013! Thank you so much to everyone who gave me ideas. I think this has been one of weirdest, most fun comics I've done. I hope you like the ending! :D
Almost Done
Chuck's almost ready for the beer show! All I have to do is the text, which I'll do after sleep so it's not "BUUUUUHHH!!" XD Enjoy!

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Filling Out Chuck
Working away on the Chuck E. Cheese pinup. That damned background. Ah well, it's coming along. ^_^

Sketchin' and Inkin'
Working on some sexy fun today! Head on over to Sketchbook to see the pinup I'm working on as well as a bit of the SGVY inking. Edda 13.4 is coming! :D

Sketchfiend 2014.4.13
Yay! Thank you so much to everyone who came out to for Sketchfiend! I had so much fun today. Thank you especially to the winning commissioners. They had some awesome ideas today, so y'all should check them out. Enjoy! ^_^

Sketchfiend in One Hour!
Be sure to be in for your chance to win a sketch from Kittyhawk! It's going to be a fun time seeing what everyone commissions. Hope you'll be there! Click below for details.

Sketchfiend in Less than 10 Hours!
That's right! Be in for your chance to win a sketch from Kittyhawk. It should be a fun time talking and looking at sketches, so come hang out even if you're not itching for a drawing. ^_^

For details on the lottery and such, please check out this link:

See y'all there! ^_^

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