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Welp, looks like the monkey's out of the bag! Who is this person that has Hermod in a tizzy? Is tizzy a word still used? It should be, because this is a tizzy! Revelations, ahoy!
Bears can be square!

(Check out Mamath's Squarebear and Boxfoxes! ????????)

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Sketchfiend Sketches
They're up at Thank you to all the commissioners! #fanart #commissions

Sketchfiend Is OVAR!
Thank you so much to everyone who came by today and to the commissioners! It was a lot of fun. I'll have the sketches up at soon. :D

Sketchfiending More!
Still #sketching and #streaming at, so come on by! There's still one more sketch slot! :D
Starting Sketchfiend soon! #Commission a #sketch from me! :D #streaming #fanart

Sketchfiend Live
We're about to start soon! Head on over to to watch #streaming and maybe get a #sketch. :D

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