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Otsana wakes up to a world of pain, only to find herself and Shebi about to be in a world of pain! Welp, you depowered valks better find a way out of this one. Good luck, girls! Also, Yuuki's around!
Today's offering at Sketchbook is the cover I'm working on for Itari Party! 04. It's gonna be hot, y'all! :D

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Today's kind of been buh for art, but I worked a bit on character design for a comic idea I had recently.

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Mayor Prism Make-Up!
I was putting up the J-List glasses and had an idea. XD #AnimalCrossing #SailorMoon #personalassistant #isabelle

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That was a good year. Getting close to 2000! :D

Here at Montroseacademy, we've been doing NAME YOUR OWN PRICE SKETCHES for years (go check our timeline!), and it's good to see others getting on the bandwagon of the FUTURE! Guess I'm not a monster; I'm just ahead of the curve. ^_^

Speaking of that, y'all want to do a Sketchfiend soon? NAME YOUR OWN PRICE SKETCHES on the Internet! :D


Disney Characters as Humans
This is an amazing gallery. You're gonna love The Three Caballeros art. Thank you very much for the fave&watch! *I'm not good at English(Therefore I wrote the text while using translater) *I lov...

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