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Well, it's a few months late, but here's the finale for the SGVY Holiday Special 2013! Thank you so much to everyone who gave me ideas. I think this has been one of weirdest, most fun comics I've done. I hope you like the ending! :D
The Scratch Beer Show
It's going up! They look so good! I hope you'll be by The Scratch on Park Road in Milton this Sunday, 27 April @6:30pm for a fun time drinking beer and looking at (maybe buying? :D ) comics. ^_^

Do You Like Beer and Comics?
Of course you do! Or you at least like one of them, especially since you like this page! XD If you're in the Brisbane area, come by The Scratch in Milton this Sunday, 27 April @6pm for a fun time drinking beer, looking at comics, maybe purchasing some comics? ;) I'll be there with my Chuck E. Cheese pinup, so see you there! :D

So this is happening. The long awaited Beer Comic Anthology is debuting this weekend at the Scratch Bar in Brisbane. If youre in town head on over on Sunday the 27th April at 6pm for some beers, and...

Chuck Is Done!
I'm done with my pinup for The Scratch Beer Show! Woo! I think it turned out OK. Now it's on to other art, like SGVY! :D

Get naked, comfortable, and then listen to the latest ep of Animation Aficionados with Ben, Dasien's TV's Mr. Neil, Pablo Praino, and me as we talk about the best damned anime about clothing taking over the world, Kill La Kill! With hot chicks and dudes being naked and covered in blood. Yes! Enjoy!

Episode 147: Kill la KillPosted on April 17, 2014 by Mr.NeilNudist Beach[ 1:11:26 ]Play Now | Play in Popup | DownloadKill la KillJoining the podcast this week is Pablo Praino and Kittyhawk of! We discuss Kill la Kill, which was still running new episodes at the time of this recording. Its

Almost Done
Chuck's almost ready for the beer show! All I have to do is the text, which I'll do after sleep so it's not "BUUUUUHHH!!" XD Enjoy!

Filling Out Chuck
Working away on the Chuck E. Cheese pinup. That damned background. Ah well, it's coming along. ^_^

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