I'll be streaming my Live Drawing panel at Room 801 on Saturday, March 28 @ 8pm EDT (Saturday, March 29 @ 12am UTC, 11am AEDT)! Be sure to come by montrose.is/streaming to watch the action. There's also going to be an IRC chat to the right side where you can join the online audience. I'm going to see about having audio, so maybe you'll get to hear my goofy talking. XD

In the meantime, check out Montrosechat for quality chat. :D

I've got my books ready for Room 801 this weekend: Yuri Reversal, The Spirit in the Bottle, Kea Kea, as well as Montrosemart digital comics! I'm also selling Control by Alisha Jade and The Alps and Queen Vee by Maxxx Bronwyn. We got plenty of lady-crafted smut at the Montrosemart table (A6!). ;D

The fur has turned to scales.
Doing a little sketching to get ready for Room 801. I've been watching Yurikuma Arashi, and while I keep going "Huh?!" at the anime, the manga makes a bit more sense. XD Hey, I'm a person who likes the Utena movie. Lesbian cars! I like Ginko a lot stylistically, and her personality seems really cute in the manga. ^_^

Another series I've been watching is Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!, aka That Cute Magical Boy Series I Can't Remember the Name of. XD I'm not sure which boy is my fav, but I went with Battle Lover Scarlet because he's really cute and his hair is interesting to draw. At some point, I might need to make a fan book of this. Seems like my kind of thing. ^_~

Well, time to sketch some more. I'll show y'all later!

Last one.
Yuri Reversal by Kittyhawk
Have I got a treat for you next week! Introducing Yuri Reversal by Kittyhawk, the newest in the All the Smut line. Girls playing boys, in bed?! You bet!

Yuri Reversal Preview
Actual Product Has No Watermark and Is High Def!

Yuri Reversal page 4 preview Yuri Reversal page 8 preview Two girls are working on their gay smut and get a bit frustrated. They work it out with a little boy-on-boy roleplay, but it seems that gets forgotten as things heat up! If you're into lesbian porn with a little twist, this is for you. ;D

I'll be putting it up on Montrosemart next weekend after Room 801. There'll be a print version of the comic there as well as advance copies of the digital version there, so there's your reason to come by if you're in the Sydney area. It's gonna be a blast! :D

I love her.