SGVY Edda 13.5 colors are done! I'll put the text in when I get home this afternoon. ^_^

Mr. Work-Work.
Whatever she's looking at, it's gotta be something. XD And y'all will find out soon! SGVY Edda 13.5 is on the way. ^_^

Keep on dancin'.
My sketch of Jeiko Hunter and his partner Mitsuko is done! I really do like the Final Fantasy XIV designs a lot. I did like FFXI, and I played as a Tarutaru bard. Those Lalafell are so cute! Ah, I don't need to be playing an MMO. Tempt me no more, Jeiko and Mitsuko! XD

Looks like Spring is almost here. The birds and spiders are coming out. Gotta keep the bush turkeys out of my plants! It's Wild Kingdom out on my porch with turkeys, magpies, coucals, and dragons! XD

Need to walk.
Just now I noticed a smudge on my Cintiq, and I was thinking, "The fuck? I didn't move my pen there or get shit on my screen..."

Then my eyes focused and I recognized what it was.

It was a goddamned spider who was slowly lowering itself from the ceiling right between me and the Cintiq.

So without panicking, I grabbed the TV remote, let the spider alight onto it, then lowered the remote to the ground. As the spider walked away, I proceeded to check the ceiling to make sure there aren't any more spiders want to check out what I'm working on. O_O;;

Australia! XD

Spider Flood.