Saturday Night Streaming coming your way tonight with some fun from Fate:GO. Come by Montrosechat at 9pm EDT (1am UTC, 11am AEST) for Good Tunes, Great Chat, and the Greatest Tits. See you there!

Blue frame.
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Oh Deadpool! Rogue's covered in body paint, and you're in her body? A prelude to fun. I'm hoping for a follow up commission to this fun one. ;D

Check out the sped-up stream to see the creation of this hot number:

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If you want to check out a stream, come by Montrosechat for Saturday Night Streaming starting at 9pm EDT (Sunday morning 1am UTC, 11am AEST). We've got Good Tunes, Great Chat, and the Greatest Tits, so I hope to see you there!

Nice Interesting Cartoon Hentai Experiment.
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Working on something shiny.

Winter is here!!!!!!
Tonight's Saturday Night Stream is going to feature a girl and some Pokemón. :D Also! We have a special preview of Derivations, the newest album from Lee Jackson! The fun starts at 9pm EDT (1am UTC, 11am AEST) at Montrosechat, so I'll see you there for Good Tunes, Great Chat, the Greatest Tits!

Yep, it's here.