Download the Video Now at MEGA!

We've got Sped-Up Video Sign! Not as catchy, but the tune on the vid is. :D No worries if you've ever missed a stream at Montrosechat because I post them here at Sketchbook and at MEGA. It's so simple, and the good stuff won't be censored like other places. ;D

And here's the final piece!

Remember, you can keep on chatting in the free world at Montrosechat. I'll be by tomorr... er, later today.

I guess I should get some sleep. XD;; Night!

Let's light this prairie up!
Stream's done! Thank you to everyone who came by today for the stream at Montrosechat. I hope y'all had fun, especially during the exciting color picking part. Video to come soon!

And what's this illustration for? You'll find out soon. ;D

Each iteration.
Streaming later today! Hope y'all can make it to Montrosechat for the fun. Good tunes, great chat, and art a-go-go. See you at 8pm EDT (12am UTC, 10am AEST)! :D

I'm not sure.
NSFW!! Click this link to download this video at MEGA!

A quickie, but a goodie! Thanks to everyone who came by the stream today for the art and the aftershow. It was a blast! Thank you as well to the commissioner of the piece, BenComicGraphics. This is a continuation of the Otaku/Yuuki VR story. Things are heating up! ;D

And here's the final piece. Heed the warnings! XD

Vectorin', vectorin'! I'm powered by my recent purchase of tea. Green tea, Houjicha, and Genmaicha, I gots it all. Don't worry, coffee my love, I will always come for you in the morning. <3 And eggs. Never forget the eggs.

I'm thinking about the dolphins.