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Happy Birthday, TV's Mr. Neil! Thought I'd draw a sweet picture of Dasien and Parker for this special occasion. Hope you have a good one, dude! ^_^

Good timing.
GO423 was a blast! Thank you so much to Truna, the Brisbane Powerhouse, and Zed Games for an awesome time. So many good local games, so many great people! I've got a bunch of games to play now. :D

And thank you so much to everyone who came by and played BRIDE! The feedback was really good. I'm incorporating some of it into the game now. Making games better! :D

Here's some photos from the day:

Outside the venue was a hopping farmers' market. Mmmmm... coffee and croissant.

Here's our set up! Very bridal. ^_^


Before it got really busy.

Starting to get busy!

Another closeup. I really like how the cards turned out.

Kim of Defiant Development got the high score of the day: 54! Can you beat that when it comes out? :D

Games games games!

Unpacking, a game by our friends Wren & Tim. It's so cute! It's a stacking puzzle game with story elements about moving. I can't wait to see how this one turns out.

Lots of good interviews and panels on the main stage! I had fun doing the interview with Zed Games, and I learned a lot by listening in all day. Good job, y'all!

And that's all! Here's the BRIDE screen as of this morning. Making improvements like separating the GAME A and GAME B so it's easier to touch on mobile. It's getting there! Hoping to release it soon so you can catch your dreamboat too. :D

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Making some last minute improvements to the background of BRIDE. Can't wait to show it off at GO423 tomorrow at the Brisbane Powerhouse. If you're in Brisbane, I hope you can make it by to play it and other awesome games by local creators. If you can't, no worries! BRIDE will be on the Internet soon! :D

In the meantime, why not try out our other games?

See you tomorrow!

Working on the manual for Bride! It's coming along nicely, so I hope you're gonna be at GO423 at the Brisbane Powerhouse this weekend to try it out before anyone else! :D

"I hear you singin' in the wire."