Streaming LIVE from Montrosechat at 8pm EST (11am AEST, 1am UTC)! It's gonna be a PLUS ULTRA night, so come on by and hang out with good tunes, great chat, and the greatest tits. See you there!

And the storm sits on the horizon.
Cooking up some art here at Montrose. Burger up!

And who's this? Someone who wishes to fly. Find out soon! :D

Yeah, I remember that.
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New slogan.
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Ding ding ding, ding ding ding, ding ding ding ding DING. They're putting out the Christmas decorations in Brisbane. Have they already put them out in your city or town? TOO EARLY! But not too early to start beefing up on 3D sculpting! :D

Walk out of the cloud.