I promised Montrosechat regular ThatOneRoadie that I'd do a mermaid Loki for him at some point. Yesterday was that point. Enjoy! XD

Welp, I'm off to play some Twilight Imperium today. Wish me luck! I want to be the turtles again and fuck everyone's shit up. I don't play to win. I play for the lulz!

Oh hey! Did you hear? There's a new issue of SGVY! Go read it now!

The shoe is in the air.
Memories of Squish Squish~ Been a while since I colored this, though it was grayscale back then. XD I love drawing pissed off Hermod.

It's working! ...Hopefully!
Uh oh! What's going on here? I think shit's about to go down in SGVY! Wait, I write it, so of course I know shit's about to go down. XD

My god, I've been feeling like crap lately, and it doesn't help that it's been hot and humid here in Brizvegas. I'm doing stuff to help like eating better (less caffeine, less sugar/carbs, more protein, more veggies), and I'm hiding in my A/C cave. Guhhhhhh... I want to live in Tasmania. And have a Tassie Devil as my pet. A man can dream, a man can dream...

Oh! I've got some cons coming up! I'll be going to PonyConAU on 21-22 February 2015 at the Outrigger Surfers Paradise in Surfers Paradise, QLD, Australia. I'm going to be at the table with the magnificent Mamath and the bodacious Bea! I'll have some special pony merch made especially for the con. :D (I'm also wanting to swim! Beach!)

Next up I have Minicomicon on 28 February 2015 at The Edge in Southbank, QLD, Australia. It looks to be a fun local event put on by Montrosemart featured artist Alisha Jade where people can come and check out local creators' minicomics. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone brings!

My final for-sure convention is Room 801 on 28-29 March 2015 in Parramatta, NSW, Australia at the Holiday Inn Parramatta. So looking forward to this yuri/yaoi convention! Naughty, naughty fun in Sydney! I'll be doing a yuri panel and a live drawing session. Hope you're coming to this one, because we'll have you coming for more. ;D

OK, let's color this bitch! Yah!

Yeah, you bet.
Just a quick sketch of BenComicGraphics' character Yuri admiring her new body in the mirror. I recently studied a lot of butts. I have a new way of thinking of butts in this new year, and I'm ready to put my best cheek forward. XD

OK, SGVY isn't going to write itself. Let's get that storyboard started!

Yeah, I see it too, Tom.