I made some stickers for this weekend! I think they turned out pretty good. :D

What are these for? Why, Natural Alpha is going to be at the 2016 GO423 Pop-up Exhibition of Locally Made Games taking place at the Brisbane Powerhouse this weekend! Come play our awesome games like the very retro Newbook, the new and improved Bando the Dragon, and Dirigible!!! We'll see you there!

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I hope you'll be coming by the Brisbane Powerhouse this weekend for 2016 GO423 Pop-up Exhibition of Locally Made Games. I'm going to be there with Natural Alpha, and we're going to have demos of Newbook, Bando the Dragon, and Dirigible!!! The whole lineup looks awesome. I'm really excited! Be sure to sign up for Beer & Pixels! :D

One hour?
Bando, Bando, BANDO! Some Bando the Dragon news is on the way! In the meantime, please enjoy some recent arts. :D

This is very Sonic Team inspired I think:

And here's some sketches. Do I see friends?! XD

Nah, the friends were used here, but no worries, that's no indication of a Sonic Cycle. XD

The sky has been white all day as the world forgot to load the clouds. At least the rain texture was still there. Looks like winter wants to stick around a week more. It can stay a month if it wants. After all, Summer's a terrible guest.

One way communication copper clad.
Happy Birthday to TV's Mr. Neil! Looks like Parker has something for you. :D

It knows the future.