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It was a very varied stream today! Thank you so much to everyone who came out today for the stream, and thank you so much to the commissioners! I think I should do more character designs and storyboards on streams. How about it? After all, I have something GAME RELATED I want to start working on. ;D

First up is the beginnings of Lance's commission. I'm working on a magical girl body swap (?) comic for him. Today I was designing the characters that will be in that comic. The evil one is the star, so I really wanted to make her costume awesome. I went with a swimsuit style because I thought that'd be sexy. The good girls I made very similar because it's kinda like the team look, plus they're not as important. And the dude is never important. XD

And here's the storyboard. The comic will probably change a bit when I get to the pencils stage. It usually does, but this is just a roadmap anyway to work out the pacing:

Finally, we have Steven's commission of a sexy Frankie Foster from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Frankie's Secret! :D

And that's it! I'll have more coming soon. I think y'all will like it!

Celluloid ashes.
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LET'S STREAM AGAIN! Come on by Montrosechat at 8pm EDT (1am UTC, 10am AEST) for a great time chatting, listening to tunes, and watching me storyboard a commission comic. See what it's about! Take a wild guess! ;D See you there!

To find your true face.
Download or Watch This Video and More at MEGA!!

The video is up! Thank you so much to everyone who came by the stream yesterday, and a big thank you to Mike for commissioning me again! Okita and Ryuuko look really good in bunny suits, and Shirou's looking boss in the Lighthawk gear. I had a lot of fun with the composition of this. I really wanted it to make it symmetrical. I think it turned out OK!

This new streaming equipment is awesome! We should stream more often. How about it? Let me know if you want me to stream things like storyboards and character design too! :D

And if you'd like to take a look at the final piece, here you go! Click for the larger image:

Reductive is the Kittyhawk School.
Who's everyone's favorite homicidal lesbian hitman? Why Koumori Kuroko from Murciélago! Thank you so much to Steven for commissioning me! He wanted me to make her a metal head, and I think I did just that. Oh, and is that Hinako in the background? RUN.

If you want to see something awesome like this piece be created LIVE, come on by Montrosechat TONIGHT at 8pm EDT (1am UTC, 10am AEST) for Streaming Fun! Here's a hint of tonight's fun: BUNNYGIRLS. See you there! :D

So fast!