Now that's a nice color. Thanks to Mamath for getting me this sweet filament for Xmas. Let's see what it looks like less filled in! Roll, derp cat, roll!

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Good times. Good times.
Hey hey, y'all! Well, I survived Brisbane Boils 2018 by just hiding inside all day. The UV was EXTREME and the temps around 38C (100F for norteamericanos), so good thing I did! Here's another good thing I did: a wallpaper of Alter Ego from Danganronpa for Michael's cosplay of Chihiro Fujisaki.

I've recently switched to Affinity from Adobe, so I had to figure out how to do some of the tricks that were obviously used on the original Alter Ego art to make it look interlaced in Affinity. In Photoshop, it would've just been a Filter. Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am, it'd be done in a Flash (guffaw!). However, there didn't seem to be a filter in Affinity Designer, so I took manual control and made my own interlacing effect. I'm not really sure why there's interlacing since Alter Ego is only ever shown on modern monitors, but I guess that's still visual language for "This is a screen." XD

Photo Credit: Madeline Collier, with permission from Michael

Wow! Michael's cosplay turned out really good! And the wallpaper on the laptop really adds to the effect. Really good idea, Michael, and great job on the cosplay! I'm looking forward to what's next. :D

Well, I'm going to try to ink some more SGVY Edda 15.2 today. Mindless inking in the aircon sounds like a lot of fun. Go go go!

To see the weight of the world in the heavens where it weighs none.
Just messing around with this chick. ;D

Pull up! PULL UP!!
Pencils are done, man~ On to the inks for SGVY Edda 15.2!

Thank you to everyone who came by the stream of the pencils being made today at Montrosechat. I had a lot of fun, and I really liked the music requests! Keep the good tunes coming, y'all! I'm thinking of doing a stream of the inks, so stay tuned! I'll be announcing the time soon. :D

Her radiant light shows the decay.