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Are you ready for some STREAMING?! Be at Montrosechat at 12:30pm AEST (2:30am UTC, 10:30pm EDT) for 24 HOURS OF STREAMING. Can I beat my previous record of 21 hours and 4 minutes? Let's find out!

Find out more information at the 24 Hour Comic Day Perth Twitter Feed if you're interested in doing the challenge as well! Also, we're going to have TV's Mr. Neil of Dasien sharing pages with the chat and BenComicGraphics of Majestic Knight will be streaming a bit on Montrosechat as well. See you there! :D

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Remember: Sex Is Free. GET SOME.

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Girls girls girls! Which girl would be your bestie that you have a crush on? Or maybe it's one of these girls:

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So who would you choose? Let me know! ;D

Girls girls girls!
Fun things happen at Montrosechat! When you ask Kittyhawk for large boobs, see what happens! Also if you ask for large butt, here's what happens:

Get some wheels, Puffbon! XD

I'm getting ready for 24 Hour Comic Day Perth by sketching. Are you going to be at Montrosechat for a 24 hour comic stream? I hope you will! Here's the deets:

We're going to have a lot of fun with good music and chat. Also! BenComicGraphics of Majestic Knight and TV's Mr. Neil of Dasien will be doing the challenge, and we might have some streaming from Ben too. Come on by and check it out next week at Montrosechat!

Truths are abound.