SGVY pencils are done! Time to ink!

I did it...

It's the first time I've finished Thanksgi... I mean the Harvest Festival in ANY Animal Crossing game!


You're damn skippy! (Even though some of your recipes are questionable...)

Burgers rather than turkeys!
Another commission down! And it's another fanfiction cover for michelous! This time it's Rule 63 Jadai (aka Jaden) from Yu-Gi-Oh! in the awesome "spider tits" costume from I Couldn't Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job., aka Yu-Shibu (and I thought Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki was long!). Thank you again for commissioning me! ^_^

Click for Stream Video Archive!
If you want to watch the sped-up in-progress video, it's available at MEGA as well as all my other past videos. I hope you enjoy watching! Thanks again to everyone who came by Montrosechat for the stream. I had fun today!

Speaking of fun, I've got something planned to make your Thanksgiving a little bit lighter. More info soon!

It sparkles in the leaves of the afternoon.
Thank you so much to Resobaso for the copy of Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer. He was so nice to give it to me since he knows I'm a big Animal Crossing fan. I promise to make happy homes! :D