It's finished! The fight between Lina Inverse and Bloom has heated up! I love painting flames. ^_^ I tried some new things with the coloring, and I think it worked out pretty well. Yay, research! :D

We've come a long way from the pencils and the inks. I like putting the progress up here. I should do that more.

And suddenly Right Now has started to play. Now I want Crystal Pepsi, and there is none. At least I know how to make Crystal Gravy.

Clear + Gravy = Clear Gravy

Here's the timelapse video of today's Sketchfiend sketches. Thank you so much to everyone who came out today, and thank you very much to the winning commissioners. We had a very varied selection today! I was having a blast working on them. ^_^

Today's Sketchfiend was a special one: I switched to using the Cintiq for penciling! I did that recently with some commissions, but I decided that it had come time to start sketching on the tablet all the time, unless I'm on the road because the Cintiq weighs 28.6kg. ^_^;; So I did something similar to when I quit using ink pens.

When I stopped using ink pens and forced myself to learn the tablet, I let all my ink pens dry up and didn't replace them. This time to force myself to use the tablet for penciling, I purposely ran out of my favorite paper, so I was forced to use the tablet. I think I did well, and hey, I didn't have to sweep eraser shavings up after this Sketchfiend. XD

OK, less blah blah, more sketches!

First up is Babytrance's idea of her character Taiga from her series and Yuuki together. I really think they look cute together. ^_^

This is magickalslave's character Katrice. She's normally an anthro coyote, but today she's a kemonomimi. She's very cute and brash, don't you think? :D

Oh my! I wonder who this lucky man getting heavy with Yuuki is? Hmmmmm... Do we care with that view? XD

Next up is Sarge's commission! I have been there, Kali, I have been there. At least Liz is adorable. Hang in there!

ESDRM had an awesome idea of a DM becoming a character from the world he created. A sexy character from that world. ;D

Finally for the bonus round, TFcommando asked for this sketch of Erza Scarlet being naked and confident in her "nude armor". I really had fun with this one. And want to read more Fairy Tail. This is in there, right? ;D

I tried out the Frenden 2B pencil for the warm up here of Sailor Mercury and a fruit bat (I dunno, lol). I couldn't get it to work just right, so I finished it up with the default mechanical pencil. I guess I need to try out a few more in the set. I think I saw a mechanical pencil. Ah well! That's part of the fun of experimenting!

Welp, it's very late here in Brisbane. I'm headed to bed. Tomorrow's another day of art! Yah!

Working on some commissions! I've got something I want to reveal when I get through this last batch. Woo! Working! This the inks of the Lina vs. Bloom sketch I did a while back. I'll have the colors soon. ^_^

I did this sketch of Zara from Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme, and it'll be in the VN. Be on the look out for it during the Zara route! It was a big surprise to DK when Lach and I revealed it. I do like her puffy, floppy bunny ears.

Don't forget there's a Sketchfiend this weekend! I'll be drawing for you! We'll be set up in Montrosechat, so be sure to be there Saturday, September 13 at 8pm EDT (Sunday, September 14 at 12am UTC). More info can be found here. I hope you'll stop by and enter the lottery for a chance at a sketch. There's five chances, so try your luck! :D

OK, back to work! It's a beautiful Spring day, so I want to go enjoy it a bit this afternoon. Yah!

Aw, ain't that cute.
So how's it work? Well, just come on by Montrosechat on Saturday, September 13 at 8pm EDT (Sunday, September 14 at 12am UTC). Information about joining Montrosechat with your own IRC client as well as an easy-to-use web client can be found at montrose.is/chatting

We'll be picking commissioners by lotto, so don't worry about being the first! Just don't be the last! We'll let people come in for 15 minutes and then the lotto will begin. We'll draw 5 names at random, and those people will be able to request a sketch.

I'll spend a few minutes talking with the winners, figuring out what they want and how much they want to pay. Just make sure to be there! If I try to PM you and you don't respond, I'll have to move on to the next name drawn. Once you've paid, you don't have to stick around. I understand life happens. Just make sure to give me an email address I can send the final pic. ^_^

If you win a slot, I'll give you a link where you pay for the sketch, any amount above $5! That's right! You decide how much a sketch from me is worth. I wish I could do "name your own price", but Paypal and currency conversion fees make that less of an option... ^_^;;

What kind of sketch can you get? Well, almost anything! No comics, please. I do a special night for those. NSFW stuff is A-OK. I'll just mark those as such. You'll get to see the progress in the chat too! I do reserve the right to reject stuff, but that's usually for legal and lameness reasons.

If I have time, I might do a sixth one, so stick around! You might get another chance at one. ^_^

So I hope to see y'all there this weekend! It's going to be fun!

Happy Birthday, Dreamcast!