It's 24 Hour Comic Weekend, and there's lots of good comics being made out there! I'm taking a look on the SNS, and I'm liking what I see. I did my 24HCD a couple weekends ago for 24 Hour Comic Day Perth, and I'm still 100% in completion rate on 24 hour comics, six of them in fact! Why not check out a few of them? They're FREE for download! And I have a couple sped-up videos of them being created where you'll also see Mamath, Haxative, and others competing too!

In reverse chronological order:

Back to the SEXY - 24HCDPerth 2018: A Painfully 80s Comicwave

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EMERGENCY!!! on the Dinosaur Planet - 24HCDPerth 2016: e is for everything


In the Orbit of Saturn - 24HCDPerth 2015: Future Shock

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God Save the Busty Queen - 24 Hour Comic Challenge Australia 2015, 24 Page 1st Prize


The Spirit in the Bottle - 24HCDPerth 2014: Storybook Edition
(Bonus: For the Plot!, a PonyConAU 2015: Seaponies Paradise Special Edition Comic)

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Last Days on the Battleship - Comikaze24 2013

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And that's it! Thank you so much for checking out my comics. If you're looking for more awesome comics, be sure to check out Montrosemart as well. Lots of sexy things there! ;D

Beautiful Day.
Download This Video and Others at MEGA!

Here's the sped-up video from the earlier stream! Only way to see the WIP of this project uncensored! I hope you'll make it to future Montrosechat streams for more WIP! I also sometimes just post WIP screenshots to Montrosechat, so come on by! :D

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And here's the censored still image! I'm going to finish this up later. Keep watching this space for more sexiness!

Too much! Too much!
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Character Design Stream done for now! Thank you so much to everyone who came by Montrosechat for the stream today. We'll have to do it again soon. And thank you so much for all the suggestions! It really helped with designing this girl. :D

Here's all the hair color that was considered. I think the strawberry blonde is the right choice. Now to finish this sheet up and get to the next one!

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Streaming LIVE from Montrosechat at 8pm EDT (10am AEST, 12am UTC)! I'm going to be working on character design. Should be a fun time with good tunes, great chat, and the greatest tits. See you there!