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Yay! Sketchfiend went off despite A SHIT TON OF PROBLEMS. Thanks, Apple, for fucking up my screencapturing ability the morning of the event! Though I guess I'm the idiot for running an update the morning of the event. Teach me to be responsible and security-minded! XD;;

We were still able to broadcast! So the video this time is over my shoulder, so watch my mad "stylus-flipping" skills! Maybe you'll see my hair. :D Previous videos are hosted over at Mega, so please check them out!

OK, let's look at some sketches:

First up is Minstrel's commission of Otsana and Haruki posing in something called the "Hangovers Calendar", which I am unaware of, so I made something up. ^_^;; I think they've been partying in a mine or something. Mother Abbott's Finest Coal, lol. XD

After a great drought, Sakraida82 is back in the land of sketches and Wacoms! I love his ideas, like this one of a Pony fighting game VS screen featuring Preggo!Loki and Handy Hands (I came up with that name on the spot, lol) the Pony Centaur. Cracktastic! I love it!

Lifeforce's Valkyrie Lilly is back with sexier armor and a friend, er, foe. XD I almost fucked this one up by having the Mallet Valkyrie standing. Thank you, digital.

Flayr really liked Phyrior's sketch, so he had this one made of Flayr turning into the false valkyrie. :D

The winner of the bonus was Nezumi, and he had me do another one of his excellent RP characters. I have a lot of fun with these. Today's offering is a Magical Fighter of Justice, Attorney at Law, Defender of Truth and Love, Accredited and Bonded Business Lawyer. XD

The warmup sketch, which you'll see me working on time to time in the video, is based on what my cosplay helmet looks like uncut. Happy Bakery Valkyrie Brioche is ready to bake the baddies!

That's it! I should be doing these and more issues of SGVY more regularly now that cons are over. Whew! Just one more this weekend. I'll probably be posting pics of cosplay work this week. I hope this goes well at Supanova Gold Coast! :D

It's all according to my visions.
Working on cosplay for Goldnova! Maybe I should just leave this a bread loaf hat. I can join in glorious revolution! Or better yet, be another valkryie, like, um... Brioche! Yes, I'm Happy Bakery Valkyrie Brioche! :D

(I really am considering keeping it a bread loaf. It's just too funny.)

Brace yourself... A new issue of Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki is on the way! :D

Check out what Neil did for our Easter art trade! Yuuki looks so happy, distracted by delivering the eggs to all the good rabbits or something like that. Thank you so much for giving her fishnets and heels, Neil! ^_^

And here's my part of the art trade! I gave Dasien thigh-high boots as was requested. Poor Parker! I had to do it! XD I also had fun decorating all the little eggs. :D

Don't forget! There's a Sketchfiend Live this Saturday, April 11 at 8pm EST (Sunday, April 12 at 12am at Montrosecast. Get the sketch you want for the price you want! Click the image above for details.

OK, time to put text in the comic! :D

She'll take it all.
Y'all ready for another streaming event? Well, there's one this weekend! :D

How's it work? Well, just come on by Montrosecast on Saturday, April 11 at 8pm EST (Sunday, April 12 at 12am UTC). Be sure to join the chat on the right side of the screen to join in the fun! You can also join the chat using your own IRC client. Details can be found at

We'll be picking commissioners by dice roll, so don't worry about being the first, just don't be the last! We'll let people come in for 15 minutes and then the rolling will begin. We'll roll three names at random, and those people will be able to request a sketch.

I'll roll for each sketch before I begin work. I'll spend a few minutes talking with the winner, figuring out what they want and how much they want to pay. If I try to PM you and there's no response or if it's taking too long to discuss the subject or price, I'll move you to the next slot and roll for another. This is to move things along and prevent a blank screen being displayed for 15 minutes. Be sure to check your PMs in the chat!

Once you've paid, you don't have to stick around. I understand life happens. Just make sure to give me an email address I can send the final pic. Making sure your PayPal address is current is the easiest way to get your sketch!

If you win a slot, I'll give you a link where you can pay, and any amount above $5 is OK! That's right! You decide how much a sketch from me is worth. I wish I could do lesser amounts, but Paypal and currency conversion fees make that less of an option... ^_^;;

What kind of sketch can you get? Well, almost anything! Since Montrosecast isn't associated with any services like YouTube, NSFW stuff is A-OK! I do reserve the right to reject stuff, but that's usually for legal and lameness reasons.

If I have time, I might do a fourth one, so stick around! You might get another chance at one. ^_^

So I hope to see y'all there! It's going to be fun!

Watching, watching.