I so love Luis. He is so perfect.

Ooooh, that cookie.
Just finished up this commission for Max's Big Bust, a TG buddy cop VN currently on Kickstarter! I had lot of fun with this pinup because she's a cop, so I was able to make her a bit beefy. Mmm, mmm, mmm! ;D

Max's Big Bust has just been Steam Greenlit, and you can still have eight days to back the VN on Kickstarter. Here's the link!

Beach fun, I await you.
Oh Luuki, why must you torment Yuuki? I hope you liked this quick commission from BenComicGraphics. I had a lot of fun with the centerfold stuff and Yuuki's face. Especially Yuuki's face. XD

I do commissions time to time, so if you're itching for one, be sure to check this page to see if I'm doing them! I also have a badge on the main page of SGVY that changes color to red when I'm taking commissions. I'm working on another one right now that I should be able to show off as I work on it. :D

Speaking of working on things, SGVY Edda 14.2 is being inked! Woo!

It's here.
Have you ever wanted to stick it to the boss? Well, Steve sure does and does in Itari Party! Game Select 05 by Kittyhawk. Get ready to see how budget negotiations go down in 1980s video game office porn!

Itari Party! 05 Preview
Itari Party! 05 Page 5 preview Itari Party! 05 Page 6 preview Steve needs his budget approved, but this harpy won't approve it, unless she can be persuaded... forcefully. Lots of domination fun in this story of getting what you want by getting down to business. ;D

It's just $5 at Montrosemart and in DRM-free CBR format. The rest of this 1980s video game office porn series is available too at Montrosemart for just $3 a volume, and there's gay, lesbian, and threesome stories!

If you're itching for more sexy goodness, head on over to Montrosemart. We've got plenty of digital comics and smut to tickle your fantasy. From BBW to pegging to futa to lesbian, you're sure to find what you're wanting, and there's previews so you can try before you buy. Check out Montrosemart today!