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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to TV's Mr. Neil for this awesome pic of Yuuki showing off her new leotard designed by Neil himself and Dasien. I really love this outfit. The asymmetry is perfect, and I love the little details like the star and the tassels. ^_^

Check out Dasien for more leggy goodness. Also be sure to read the fun Christmas crossover with Yuuki, Dasien, and friends (and foes)!!

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Check out what Pablo Praino made for me for my birthday! Chiaki looks so sweet and cute. And Myu Myu-chan~ ^_^ Thank you so much!!

Be sure to check out more of Pablo's work on his Instagram!

Bright Happy Day.
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EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! THANK YOU, RORSCHACH!! This is amazing! I'm loving Ror's renders! Chiaki's look of surprise is great. :D An awesome pic to celebrate Yuuki's birthday! ^_^

Taking what is due for what is necessary.
Walk on, Bando! The work continues. :D

The waiting.