Sketcherin', sketcherin'. It's been a crazy week, so I thought I'd draw some hot girls for fun.

Including one I should be focusing on, even if he's just temporarily a girl. ;D

Finding the way, avoiding distractions.
HAPPY BUNNY DAY!! AKA Easter! :D Thank you to Palody for getting Yuuki and Parker into festive dress. I don't know how she did it, but we salute her. o7 If you haven't yet, go read Dasien and discover why Palody and Parker are awesome! (Also check out the The Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki & Dasien Holiday Special 2014! for more SGVY and Dasien hijinks!)

I hope you're eating some fine chocolate today, and if not, I hope tomorrow's sale bounty is great. For today, I'm nomming some buns... Cinnamon buns! (Though dem buns above would be nice to nom too. ;D )

To go into the forest.
Happy Hoppy Weekend! Thank you to RedInk for this awesome piece of Easter fanart. No, Yuuki, it's not too small. You're just big in the right ways. Dasien is just jealous.

Here in Australia, everything shuts down till Jesus wakes up again on Tuesday (hey now, it was a hell of a weekend...). I'm OK with this because, man, it's quiet. I can hear the wind and the screams of people being eaten much clearer. Ah... Besides, I had my rabbit pie already:

Mmmm, wabbit season...

Two days...
Take a break sometime.

Getting ready.