Why lookee here. We got ourselves an SGVY storyboard for Edda 15.2! Let's pencil this bitch! Maybe a stream? :D

Also, there's a lot of Apple in this photo thanks to oldschool Baketan II. I need to do a photo shoot of the new sofubi that we got over the break. I love the VAG line a lot because they're cute and easy to collect different artists' work. <3

OK, time to get bacon.

Giving up everything for nothing.
It hot. I might finish this one up, but maybe not right away. Gonna storyboard some SGVY tomorrow.

Find the path where aqua does not tread.
I decided to finish this up tonight between some vectorin'. Love me some Maltese-color tigers, especially a sabertooth. :D

Chillin' in the tropics. Soon I'll be there.

This theme thinks too much of itself.
Streaming is done for today! Poor iPad and I need to go cool down a bit, but I think you can understand from the pic. ;D

Where's my waterfall?