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Making a boob chart.

Let’s keep going.
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Another stream down! Thank you so much to everyone who came out for the stream the other day. It was a lot of fun! And thank you so much to the commissioner, EvilJellyFish, whose name is the inspiration for the commission. Would you like to see the finished piece? :D

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Life is better down where it's wetter, said a sage once. And if this lovely, but evil, jellyfish woman is there, count me in! :D I had a lot of fun with the coloring on this one, especially the transparent tentacles.

Now if you watched the video, you'll notice that the breast size changed towards the end, and that's because there was a last minute request for the boobs to be reined in. I'm one who believes in making the customer happy, so I worked my magic! I think I did a pretty good job. :D

So, here's the big boobed version which I saved at the point of the reduction:

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Nice and buoyant! They float! ;D

The Eve of Everything.
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Phrasing! Looks like Luuki (Loki in Yuuki's body) is having a ball, while Yoki (the reverse) is balls deep. Hang in there, Yoki! XD Thanks to the commissioner, BenComicGraphics, for requesting another wacky Luuki adventure!

Need to vector. Maybe tomorrow? We'll see! In the meantime, let's... sleep! Night, y'all!

Cast tit magic.
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I think it needs to be declared from every mountain to every crevasse. FUCK WOMEN.

Speaking of women, I'm drawing a sexy one tomorrow on the Montrosechat stream. Be at Montrosechat at 8pm EDT (12am UTC, 10am AEST) for good tunes, great chat, and the greatest tits. There'll even be a link in the channel so you can watch the stream with your favorite video app.

See y'all there!