Oh, don't you hate when your order gets mixed up? I especially don't like it when said order covers up Mai! ...But I would like to see Mei in Mai's costume? Please? :D

Thanks so much to Nezumi for commissioning me for another fun sketch. More to come!

I'll meet you on the ice shelf one day.
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We've all been there...

But where will you be tonight?! You should be at Montrosechat @ 9pm EDT for Streaming Fun! That's 2am UTC or 11am AEST for us in the Eastern Hemisphere, so let's get our coffee ready. See you there!

A different view, a same look.

Very apt.
Something I did for Trevor for his SNS presence. MAGIC INTERNET MONEY! (And bod!) XD I also made her hat an avatar too for "polite society". :D

Things that happen; things that don't. Don't sweat it.