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One thing the Pop Team Epic intro taught me is that Popuko and Pipimi can be anything. Even pumpkins! Check out the pumpkins Trevor and I 3D-printed for Halloween! Is this spooky? Is this subculture?

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And here they are in Southern Hemisphere Spring. I painted the stems with enamel paint, and they turned out pretty good. :D

If you want to print out some pumpkins, here's the template we used. Also, if you want some stencils for pumpkins or whatever, here's the SVGs I made for "cutting" the pumpkins:

Happy Halloween! May it be spooky and full of good treats!

You know what I'm talking about. ;D
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Here's the sped up video for today's stream! Thank you so much to everyone who came by to watch. Let's do it again soon! I'm having lots of fun streaming.

And I'm sure you're wanting to see the final piece, so here you go:

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Who is this lovely witch? You'll find out soon! ;D

Streaming in 12 hours! I'm drawing a SPOOOOOOKY WITCH, so get ready for some sexy fun. Be at Montrosechat at 8pm EDT (12am UTC, 10am AEST) for good tunes, great chat, the greatest tits, and hey, maybe something else special. See you there! ;D

Also, here's Uraka! :D

It brings it out.
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Double double, toil and trouble... I'm seeing double... a pair a tits that is. ;D

I think the right.