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Dreaming of that beach with Bondi...

Dreams come true!
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Doing some color tests.

Oh! And if you don't know, I stream art straight to your face every Saturday Night at 9pm EDT (Sunday Morning 1am UTC, 11am AEST) at Montrosechat. Hope to see you there for Good Tunes, Great Chat, and the Greatest Tits!

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Don't you hate when your hypnotizing powers don't work on the intended target? I had fun working on this commission because of the use lesser known monsters from Yu-Gi-Oh and creating the hypno effect. I'm also liking working with this flat style. Thanks again to the commissioner! ^_^

Sunset on hyperdrive.
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Thank you so much to ReD InK for this beautiful Bondi fanart! You may convince me to make her thicc yet. ;D

Go check out more of ReD's art on Deviantart! He's working out a new comic too, so definitely give him a follow.

I cannot hear what is made of fluff and shadow.