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I decided to finish up Nina because Nina is love, especially Breath of Fire II's Nina.

Now I have a craving for Pizza Rolls. 90s nostalgia critical hit!

The impossible happens! It's great!
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A wild Peta appears! I sculpted this in Forger, the ZBrush-like 3D program for iPad. It's really good! It's not as beefy as ZBrush, but you can't beat watching Doom Patrol and 3D sculpting from the couch. We tried out the new nozzle with this print, and it turned out OK!

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And here's Peta's back. Who is Peta? Peta is from Hedgehog Harry (『ハリネズミのハリー 』), one of my current favorite manga. It's stupid fun goodness! I drew some fanart of it a while back, and well, put my signature touch on it. XD;;

More fun on the way!

Hearing the voices of those in the valley.
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Now that's my kind of troll, amirite? What mythical creature girl would you want in your living room? :D

Speaking of things in the living room, what's this? Find out soon!

You will not see in the future.
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Oh Captain Marvel, you will never be as hot as Rogue. She really deserves your powers, and a movie! (BTW, ol' Captain Marvel's movie is a pass unless you're a Marvel Zombie. You're welcome.) Thank you, thank you to everyone who came by the stream yesterday! It was a blast. If you didn't make it, check out the sped-up video above.

We should do this more often. How about it? :D

And here's the final piece for your viewing pleasure:

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They're lying, and you know it.