Working on SGVY right now. I'm to the inking stage right now and working hard for my corporation. Let's go!

The new Montrose Academy page is up! This design is called "Montrose Rainbow." I first had the idea sometime back in July. My inspiration is the Seventies/Eighties barrier when rainbows ruled the land. Ah, big hair and ELO. Harry Lime is responsible for the code, which works in every browser! And every resolution! Damn! I think this may be the first site I've designed since the first "A White Room" that I really like. When I spend time staring at a design for a while, I know I like it. Ahhh...

I need new music. I just got the Mario Galaxy soundtrack, but it's not really work music. I need something fast and chirpy.

Back to work!

I guess it's true.