Fire, fire, FIRE!!

I like painting fire. I guess I'm painting. I use a brush in Photoshop. Anyway, fire is fun to paint. I don't know if it looks good to others, but I think it looks good. I usually use four colors and up to three layers to achieve the effect. I don't know why Freya got associated with fire in the comic, but I think it has to do with her personality. She is the goddess of passion, after all. It's weird since... Oh wait, you don't know that yet. Never mind.

I meant to include this sketch with the first post, but somehow I forgot. I was thinking of using this Yuuki for the new SGVY website, but I'm not so sure anymore. Maybe, but I think a more solemn Yuuki might look better for the design I'm calling "Dawn Made of Water." A happier Yuuki might be better since Yuuki is a comedy, but I swoon whenever I think of a strong, stoic Yuuki. Aaahhhh... So beautiful!

It's a beautiful sunny day after much rain and migraines! If it's sunny where you are, go enjoy some coffee in the sun for me. I can't today.

I'm not sure which is right for me, but the old calls and seems the correct choice.