I remember Girls' Day, or Hinamatsuri, from when I lived in Japan. All the girls at school wore kimono (without obi because we were silly Americans) and went out for ramen. Lots of fun. Tamimatsu-sensei, our Japanese Culture teacher, would put the dolls on display in her classroom as well. I remember being schooled by some elderly Japanese women one year because I had my kimono crossed the wrong way (I was dead apparently ^_^;; ).

Today's sketch is for the Montrose Academy Forums at the Piggy Farm. A new person to the board mentioned that Odin looks like Scatman John. I didn't know Scatman had passed away. Who will scat for us now?!

Working hard on the next issue. I'm inking right now, and it's going pretty fast. Keep the pace!

The wind knocked it down, but I put it back up.