So I got Super Smash Bros. Brawl today. Well, technically one of my friends did, but since his Internet connection sucks and he has to run an update to play, he let me borrow it till mine comes (stupid Best Buy). Oh my god, it's awesome. There are new characters, but I'll stick with my woman Peach, thank you very much. I will admit that I'm not that good, but that's probably since I haven't played Smash Bros. in a long while. ^_^;; I'll go find out what my friend code is later. If you've got the game, email me your friend code so we can smash it up. (That sounds wrong...)

Originally this post was going to be about the new issue of SGVY, but I got caught up in Smash Bros. OK, so if you haven't seen the new issue which begins the new edda, go check it out. You checked it out? OK, here we go...

This is the summoning circle from the final panel on page 3 of the new issue. Yup, it's a kitty. ^_^ Freya has kitties, so I thought I throw that in. The kitties will eventually show up in the comic. I've already got their character designs done. Stay tuned!

Love to go play some Smash Bros., but I've got a LEARN, commissions, and the next comic to work on. Oh well, drudge along.

Get on the new Montrose Voice Chat! Check out the main page of SGVY to get the details!

It must be embarrassing!