This sketch is from sometime in early December last year. I found it when I was updating the plot line for SGVY (I figured something out; what, I will not reveal). Any way, this one started out as some SGVY sketches and ended up with Rowan. The little girl in his lap is Dusk. Rowan found her and has become her guardian.

I refer to Rowan's story as "Mott 51" or "The Shaman", though I am unsure what I will eventually call it. I hope to work on his story one day. Until then, I'll rerun it over and over in my head so that I remember it. What is it about? Eh, I'd rather not say right now. It's still evolving. SGVY stayed in my head for three years before I actually started it. It evolved a lot during such time. One day I'll dig up a drawing of the proto-Yuuki.

And who is "???!!"? It is too early to reveal. ^_^

Wings or big ribbon?