Hello from Washington, D.C.! That's right, I've been in my nation's capitol with my friends and husband for the last few days. It's been fun. I got to see a lot that I didn't get to see last time I came. Oh, and I got my picture taken with Lincoln again. He's still awesome.

I went to the portrait gallery as well, and of course, I had to go see the Colbert painting near the bathrooms. There was also a self-portrait of Morse that was really interesting. There was also this really awesome painting of Nixon by Rockwell as well as this awesome portrait of Ice T in the RECOGNIZE! exhibit.

I did get to go the White House, which I had never been able to see before. I was very fortunate. We went to the Capitol right before, which is always fun to visit. I was unable to take pictures of the Capitol or the White House because cameras are forbidden in the White House. Oh well. A strange thing happened while we were at the White House: We were sealed into the Blue Room for 15 minutes during the tour because the President was giving an interview two rooms over and they did not want us to interrupt him. It was kind of weird. I know that room very well now. ^_^;;

Here's a couple more pictures that I thought were interesting. I took more, but I liked these the most:

This is from the Air and Space Museum. Why can't we have stewardesses in uniforms like this anymore?! If it's all about equality, then make the men wear hot pants and gogo boots. Bring back the sexy skies!

The Ediacaran, bitches!! I love the Natural History Museum. While I was there, I was watching the video that was obviously done in the 1960s on the evolution of early life, and I overheard this kid say to his mom, "I though God made everything. What is this about then?" She hemmed and hawed as she wondered how she should answer the question. Ha ha ha! This wasn't the only confused kid I saw. I wonder why these parents brought their kids if they didn't want to talk about evolution. I guess they expected to only see dinosaur bones.

I'm heading home tomorrow. I didn't get any work done, but oh well. I'll work hard on SGVY when I get there. Please be understanding!

There is so much, but I am satisfied.