A new year begins! Well, a new himekuri begins. I got the new Yotsuba&! daily calendar yesterday. It was two days late, but hey, that's what I get for using the slowest shipping (I'm cheap ^_^;; ). I don't care, though. I love seeing a new Yotsuba pic everyday.

Happy cat~! Mr. Clementine (a name I gave it since I don't know its real name) is a cat that has been hanging around on my porch lately. This picture of Harry Lime petting him is really cute. I think he might be a real Manx because he has no tail and his fur is very thick and layered. I gave him the name "Clementine" because he is orange and round when rolled up. (Mikan, Satsuma, or Valencia didn't sound right.)

Still working on the next installment of SGVY. I'm hoping to have it done today.

But that's not my job...