I don't think I've ever published this on the web. Such a good illustration gone to waste. Well, I did use the Chiaki for my business cards, and I did make some prints to sell. I guess not a total waste. I made this in 2006, and originally it was going to be used for the SGVY home page. I don't think it fits, though. I guess if I was changing the site for every season. I'm still working on an update to the SGVY site.

I seem to be working a lot these days. I'm actually very happy. The new chat helps because I enjoy being able to talk to people while I work. I think montrosesketchbook helps too since it gives me an outlet for my work. I'm pleased with what Harry Lime has made for me. He's an awesome man. ^_^

I'm working on a cool illustration. I'll show it to you when I get it done. I have to finish a project first.

Eliminate the block and the road is smooth.