For a while now, I've wanted to post some work that might be considered 18+ (or whatever it is in your region). The question that has been on my mind is: How do I present such work? Do I create a special 18+ section? Do I put a warning on montrosesketchbook? Should I have a login? Should I wait till I have a gallery in which each naked picture is marked?

After much thought, I have decided to put a preview of the image, like the one above, with a link to the full illustration in the text. That way I can still put my more hardcore images on montrosesketchbook and still allow those who cannot or decide not to view sexual images to still enjoy it. Everybody wins.

So, here's a link to the full image of Sonic just being transformed into a human. If I get around to it, there will be a doujin about it. I decided that if I'm going to do Link/Sonic, I'd rather have Sonic be human. It's more fun to draw Sonic as a human boy, and it's not furry (very important). I've always enjoyed the human Sonic porn, be it male Sonic, female Sonic, or the rare hermaphrodite Sonic. (Hmm...)

So there you have it. More Link/Sonic to come. Hope you enjoy.

Oh yeah, 90's coloring job...