Muu... It's one of those days where I feel antsy. I can't focus on anything, so I'm going to work on random things. I made the banner above last night to replace the banner in the Montrose Academy Forum. I like the cute piggies that pOnju uses for The Piggy Farm, but I feel that I should at least give the forum a Montrose feel. I was inspired by 1970s album covers. Harry Lime says I'm dead on.

Oh, have you seen the new Travelers commercial? Creeeeeepy... I know they were trying for magical and whimsical, but they totally over shot and entered Creepytown. I do like the touch of the old man having goggles when they use the umbrella to fly, but I fear that man.

Ugh, I'm going to go play some Smash Bros. That'll calm me down.

Fail, fail, fail some more~