It's a beautiful bright day, and I'm still feeling my migraine from yesterday. Gwaa... I need to finish coloring SGVY, do some sketches, clean my house... Welp, drink some coffee and powerthrough!

I figured out what my anime for this season will be. I'm going to be watching xxxHolic•Kei, Code Geass R2, Amatsuki, and Toshokan Sensou. xxxHolic•Kei ("Kei" meaning "Continuing" because Ohkawa didn't want to use Arabic numerals) is better animated than last season and seems to not suffer from dragging the story in order to fill an episode. Code Geass R2 ("R2" means "Rape Round 2") will fulfill my stupid anime slot for the season. Though I have to say this season has been much better than last, and I've only seen three episodes. Let's hope it stays below mediocre so I will continue to watch.

Amatsuki and Toshokan along with Himitsu were my wildcards. I couldn't watch Himitsu ("Secret"); the show's device, which is taking MRIs of victims' memories to catch criminals, was too stupid. Based on the bits I watched (I couldn't bring myself to actually sit and watch), it's going to be shounen-ai-tastic. It's sad it had to suck. Amatsuki, which is yet another Travel-to-Mystical-Past anime, looks promising, though I don't know how it will hold up. I really like the idea of the main character not freaking out about his situation. We'll see. I'm not sure how Toshokan Sensou ("Library War") will hold up either, but I really love the animation (go Production I.G.!) and the characters are interesting. Hey, I might end up liking this Free-Press-Civil-War anime.

Let's try to work.

I don't know why it was like that.