I realized today that I had not drawn Yuuki as a male in a long time. I think the last time I did was... 2003? My god, that's a long time. So here you go; Yuuki restored to maleness.

I worked on this while I was waiting for mutsu's surgery to be over. My laptop has been having power issues, and it was having trouble with a broken RAM slot, which caused overheating and cut my RAM down to 1GB rather than 2GB. At first we tried this trick to get it to recognize both (I'm not completely sure how it worked. ^_^;; ). It did restore the RAM to full, but if the computer did anything intensive (Photoshop, Spaces) for 20 minutes, it would crash with a still screen. When you rebooted it, it recognized only 1GB of RAM, so you had to do the trick again. This is when we remembered we had a PowerBook motherboard lying around.

Popped the motherboard in, and behold! mutsu is alive again. (I made this sound easy.) So far, she's running cool and smooth with 2GB of RAM and a slightly under-clocked proc (to cut down on heat issues). It still can't be off a power source, but we'll work on that later.

Back to work!

A happy ending.