June is leaving! Jun is here! I got my Revoltech Jun figure today. I've never played the Doko Demo Issyo games, but I thought Jun was so cute that I had to get him. He also comes with beer and sushi, so that's a bonus. Now to make some Dantsurenjun figures.

Uwaaa... My energy has been gone lately. I don't know where it went. I've been very busy, but I don't think that's the reason. Maybe I need to increase my caffeine again...

I did get to see WALL-E this weekend. I think it's the best one Pixar's made so far. I never cry, but I nearly did at the end. Also, the flying around the Axiom scene was magical. The message of the movie was good too. Do go see it if you have not. If you have, go see it again. I am.

Hee hee... I've been sketching in my free time. I wonder who these fine ladies are!

Stop! Caffeine time!

It needs to be more neon green.