Hey, y'all! Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I've been running around like crazy, and on top of all that, I seem to have caught a sore throat. I should probably stop chewing on my pencil. (But it's so helpful!)

I got a new printer! That's it above, the fabulous HP D7460 Photosmart Printer. After almost killing a Kinko's, I mean, FedEx Office employee, I decided that I was going to solve my printing problem. See, if you live anywhere that is not a major city, printing is HELL. You must rely upon the corporate printer huts that suck a butt. I used to know people who worked there, so it wasn't a big deal. They kept the machines maintained and were awesome about not charging me for proofs. But now the store is full of employees who don't care (with the exception of one, but he has weird hours). And why should they? They're paid shit, taught nothing, and are yelled at constantly by management and customers. Avoid FedEx like the plague.

I've been told to use some online print services, but hell if I'll use them. I can't proof on the fly, which is something I like to do. Plus, I've yet to find one where the quality is up to my standards, which is very high. So, the only thing left is to buy a printer.

I really feared buying a printer. The last time I actually priced a printer, it was the early 2000s, and the good ones were expensive as hell. It was also the days of Carly, that fucking bitch that nearly killed HP and prospective VP candidate for McCain (yeah, you should be afraid). Carly liked things like the printer locking up when one of the carts was empty rather than not using that color. She's a stupid fucking cunt-whore who doesn't deserve to even suck cock.

...Any way, moving on, printers used to suck and be expensive, so I was hesitant to go look at them. After the frustration I had experienced with corporate sucking, I didn't want to be further sent into a rage by looking at printers. But then something amazing happened. I went online and started looking at the printers that photographers use. I then found the D7460 among the printers recommended for amateur photographers. It was highly rated. I went to the store, and I checked it out. The prints were gorgeous. I could hardly see the dots. If you cranked the quality (also known as wasting the ink), you couldn't see dots at all. And that's not all, folks. The printer is only $150. $150! My god! I had found my printer. I believed once again that house printing was back.

I highly recommend this printer to anyone that wants to do printing for themselves. This is not a printer for everyday use or for big runs due to the expense of the ink, but for nice art prints, this is a great printer. You can't print anything bigger than legal, but it does have edge-bleed printing, which means no white edges! I recommend using the HP Soft-Gloss Plus Photo Super Gold R-Type paper since it's not too glossy (which I find annoying) and allows the colors to be bold and gorgeous. I need to try out other papers, but so far, this has been the best printer experience I've ever had.

Well done, HP, well done.

I'm-a gonna pencil now. I think I have a fever. Whee!

That blue! THAT BLUE!!