Yeehaw! Dragon*Con was fun this year. I did seven panels and sold a good bit of drives. Success! Spread the Jar and Valkyrie Love! I also dressed up for the "Dub Your Own Hentai" panel. I'm sure pics of that will float up on the Internet. ^_^;;

I took a lot of pics, sadly with my iPhone, so they're kind of blurry. Here's a few of my favorites:

ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!! This thing was pretty cool. It kept losing an eye though. ALL GLORY TO THE CYCLOPHYPNOTOAD!!

I thought these two were cute. I really want to do a costume like the one on the right next year.

OMG, there's my name on a screen! Whoa! I had fun at this panel. Yeah, I suck at structure, but I love teaching. I had a grandfather write and say that I was helpful with understanding his granddaughter's art. That makes me so happy. ^_^

The MST3K crew (Joel, Frank, and Trace) are as awesome as I've always believed. I didn't get a good pic of Joel. T_T Frank is possibly the coolest man on the planet. I saw him watching videos well into the wee hours of the morning. I want to be Frank when I grow up.

Harry Lime loves Luche Libre. Santo was at Dragon*Con, but sadly, he was elusive. Blue Demon was nice enough to pose with Harry though.

Tom_Swan, this one's for you. ^_^

Adam West is so cool. I'm sad I was unable to go see any of his panels. ;_; He is the true Batman.

George Lowe is a fucking pimp. That is all.

It's Loki! I told him he was my god. I think he was disturbed. ^_^;;

Damn you, iPhone camera! Your stability is wanting. Oh well. This awesome dude, who made his costume days before the con, volunteered to be a human bulletin board for Jennie, Gina, and me. Thanks, dead dude! ^_^

This Yuuko was gorgeous. She also had a beautiful voice. ^_^

This man next to me is the MAN. James Cawley is the creator of Star Trek: Phase II (aka New Voyages). He also plays Kirk in the series, and on top of that, the man is an Elvis impersonator! Holy shit! If you haven't seen Phase II, do yourself a favor and watch. I got to see an early cut of the newest ep at Dragon*Con. I liked it a lot. Oh, and the weird look on my face here is because I was hoping over and over that the iPhone would take a decent pic. It did. ^_^

It's Taskmaster! Yay! Um... yeah...

The Dedede is pretty awesome. I never expected to see one. The only thing that would have made this better is if Sonic and Link were there. ^_^

This guy is just cute. He kept messing with the hotel staff by being in character. I liked the use of LEDs in his crown.

Harry and I like the Question. I only wish there had been a Huntress around.

It's a She-Ra! Whee!

Iron Man was checking out the buffet. The hotels went all out this year with catering. It was actually nice and well priced. The whole con went really smooth this year. Go planning!

I wish I had gotten a better picture of the Steampunk Fairy. T_T She was so cool. (And was always mobbed!) My friend said she's going to try to do one next year. Let's have a stampede of Steampunk Fairies!

Who be these fine people? Why, it's some fine webcomic artists! From left to right: Jennie Breeden, me, John Lotshaw, and Bill Holbrook. I love doing this panel. 5th Anniversary, baby!

Well, that's it for pics. Can't wait for next year. See y'all there!

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