Yup, there is the Montrose Academy 9th Anniversary 1GB USB Drive on one of those new touchscreen computers in an office supply store. It looks so gorgeous. And hey, there I am!

I've been a been a busy Kittyhawk lately. Shipping drives, trying to do work, still cleaning up from Dragon*Con, and...

Gettin' a new compy! Goodbye, Mutsu, my sweet princess. Hello, Braeburn, my brave prince! Braeburn, which is named after an apple variety like all my Apple products, is a MacBook Pro with a 2.5GHz Intel Core 2 Duo proc, 4GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT with 512MB, and a 250GB hard drive. Vroom, vroom, mother-fuckers! I've saved so long to have this machine. Ah, it's so beautiful and fast. The screen is gorgeous. (It's matte, by the way, because glossy is for people who like fingerprints and wonky color.) Looking at SGVY with this new screen brings out the flatness and color. I think I'm going to faint...

I'll have to rebuild my background folder again because few of my wallpapers the fit the ample 1440x900 screen. Such a bother! (LOL)

I spent all of yesterday getting Braeburn's settings right and getting all my programs and files back. I'm almost there; I just need MPlayer. Must watch Code Geass for ultimate fail.

The keyboard isn't as easy use. The keys don't give very well, but I think that's because I had mashed all of Mutsu's to hell and back. ^_^;; Give it time, and I'll learn it. (Or something like that. ^_^;;)

Mutsu's not dead yet. She's going to become Harry Lime's. Reuse, recycle!

Well, time to go package some drives. Y'all have fun out there! Go check out Montrose Academy Forums if you haven't yet! (That was another thing that ate time this week!)

The first male in six years.