I'm working today. I'm finally back on schedule, I think. I felt like I hadn't posted for a while, so I wanted to write about something.

I'm happy that Fall is almost here. It's been nice and cool in the mornings here. I feel the urge to go ahead and get ready for the cold months. I want to bundle up in blankets and wear my Hello Kitty slippers. Sadly, it's still getting hot during the day. And then again, once it gets cold, I'll want to hibernate. This year, I resolve to carry my little space heater around with me to prevent that. Maybe it won't get that cold this year. I'd love to see snow though. I'm so torn.

House is about House and Wilson's relationship this season! Hooray! Maybe they'll finally fuck. I'm hoping. It's so obvious.

I'm getting Animal Crossing: City Folk in November. I plan on keeping "Montrose" open all the time so that I can sit and talk to people while I work. Wii Speak, the microphone, is sold separately, so I hope this won't be a deterrent. We'll see.

Well, back to work. I got some commissions to finish. Y'all have fun. Check out Montrose Academy Forums!

Burn, baby, burn.