So I went to the Kirby event at Kirby Middle School in Birmingham, AL, this morning. We arrived at 9:15 AM, but we couldn't see anything. Then we saw a pink, fluffy cloud rise into the air from the field behind the school. KIRBY!!

The event was to promote the new game, Kirby Super Star Ultra, which is coming out next week. Here's the front and back of the card the Nintendo reps were handing out:

It was pretty awesome. The pink, fluffy clouds were actually Kirby-shaped bubble masses filled with helium. Flogos provided the machine that made the Kirbys, and this was the first time that colored bubbles had been made. Neat! They kept making Kirby after Kirby, and the Kirbys floated away to either the sky above or to get severed by a tree. NOOOOOOO!! Poor Kirby!

There wasn't much else to the event. Both Harry and I were filmed for what I suspect will end up on the Nintendo Channel. (We had to sign away our likeness too.) I came up with the "clever" exclamation "Unidentified Flying Kirbys!" They then made us then say that to the camera over and over until they were satisfied. I'm actually really excited that I might turn on my Wii and see myself chattering on the Nintendo Channel. Keep your eyes peeled!

There were some Nintendo reps there milling about. They were talking about how the event was different and how it was hard to find Kirby-named places. One guy ended up chatting with us for an hour about Nintendo the company and our love for all things Nintendo. I got to say: Every Nintendo employee I've met has been happy and really fun to talk to. They always talk about how awesome it is to work for the company and how they've been working for the company for a long time, which is kind of rare in the video game industry. I'm happy things are looking up for Nintendo these days. They deserve it for sticking to long term planning and actually making a profit.

Like I said, there wasn't much else to the event. There were two other guys when we showed up, but they left after 15 minutes. Nobody else showed up by the time we left except for the local news (which was only a guy and a camera). I saw the pics on Kotaku. Those must have been from the other guys.

I hope Nintendo continues to do events like this even though there weren't many people. It was a Thursday, and Birmingham is a bit of a weird place to do something like this. Come back, Nintendo! I'll show up!

Here's one last pic of the machine making Kirbys:

He's finally happy again.