Hey! I got around to taking some screenshots of the Montrose Academy 9th Anniversary 1GB USB Drive Bonus Comic Archive! Let's take a look. Above is the main screen. This is a 1440x900 screen, I'm using here. Look at that bold design. I wish I had put Bunny-Mech on Makoto's shoulder (guy on right). Oh well. Next time.

So what's so great about this drive other than the awesome comics? It updates! Yes, you can get the latest comics if you update the drive using the Internet. When you have a connection, just click the "Update" link.

It's updating! Look at that bar move! Look at the stars spin! Whee!

Here's what menu for the Jar looks like. What's that in the lower left? Who knows! ^_~

And here's what an SGVY comic page looks like. Looks just like the real site. Still, it's not on the Internet, and you own it. It's superior!

That's the Montrose Academy 9th Anniversary 1GB USB Drive Bonus Comic Archive. We made it in a week. The programming was done in two days, which is pretty impressive. Harry Lime rules. I hope you will get one if you haven't already. ^_^

In SGVY news, I'm going to start posting the status of the next issue here in Montrosesketchbook. I get lots of emails about this and quite a few suggestions to have a status bar or something. I think this is a good way to do it. And hey, you get a SECRET view into the making of the comic that all can see. Not very SECRET, but SECRET makes it sound special or something.

This issue's going to be three pages, which is less than usual, but it will have some accompanying 4-panel comics. I don't know how many, but at least three or four.

Anyway, debatin' time's almost here. See y'all!

Let's see this show.