One of my favorite things in the world is pixel art. Well, I suck at it, so I make psuedo-pixel art. Above is my first attempt at making a sig banner for Montrose Academy Forums. It's 32 colors and 22 frames, and it comes out at 80KB. Not bad, but not good enough. I wanted something under 30KB. Also, it's a bit big for a signature.

So one debate later, I came out with this one. This one is 32 colors with only 11 frames, and it's only 28KB. NICE. It's a bit jumpy, but I like it. It's kind of cute and mesmerizing. Bunny-Mech is meant to bounce up and down like he's rolling along a bumpy ground. Realism, folks! If it gets annoying for people in the forums, I'll take it away.

Dog's done!