Woo! Working on 3D glasses. Don't know about these? Go check out SGVY for more information. This year's Holiday Special will be in 3D!! Any red/blue glasses with work, but wouldn't you want your own personalized pair? (Of course you do!)

Here's the first batch I did. I'm using Sharpies to do the art. It's been a while since I've used markers, but I think I've done a good job. I'm having fun coming up with designs for each one. Yes, they are all original designs and hand-drawn. What a deal!

This is what one looks like in its package. I like the "Not for extended use" part. It is important too. (I know this first hand.)

Continuing with the "3-D(eals) for the Holidays," here's a God of Awesome shirt! We've still got some! We also still have some Squish Squish 2.0 shirts. They're awesome!

And while we don't have any in stock, here's the Montrose Academy 9.5th Anniversary 4GB USB Drive! We'll be getting more USB drives soon. Keep checking SGVY!

Alright, back to work! More 3D glasses to do!

Just hear that jing-jing-jingling...