Town Name: Montrose
Chara Name: Kitty

Yup! I got Animal Crossing: City Folk (Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City for you PAL folks). So far, I think this is my favorite Animal Crossing. While not much has changed, the controls are so much better and having a keyboard kicks all the asses. Oh, and it's nice that they allow for bringing your Wild World catalogue along. (Too bad mine was deleted. T_T)

I haven't been able to test out Wii Speak thanks to Nintendo NOT HAVING THE FUCKING SERVICE UP YET. Not that I think many have it yet. I want to test it! Amazon stupidly sent mine in a paper bag, so I don't know if the unit is OK.

So, do you have it yet? Send me your code! Either go post it in the forum or email it to me. Let's hang out and talk!

I wish I had a fucking slingshot...