So guess where I went today...


Magic Kingdom, to be exact. Harry Lime and I are here in South Florida for a week, so we said, "What the hell! Let's go to Disney!" So we did.

Big Christmas Tree! Main Street was the only part done up for Christmas this year. I wonder if Christmas came too quickly. (It is a short holiday season this year). Though this was the first time I've ever seen the Country Bear Jamboree in its normal mode, so that's awesome. The other time I saw the Christmas version.

So what's the first ride you ride when you get to the Magic Kingdom? Why the Carousel of Progress, of course! You thought I was going to say something like Space Mountain. Pfft... That's second. (It ended up being third this time thanks to Speedpass, the greatest amusement park invention EVAR.)

The Carousel of Progress is a freaking awesome piece of engineering. I mean, those animatronics are OLD, but they work better than any other in the park. The older looking characters, like the grandparents, look the best, and sometimes look real. There are nice touches like Father drumming his fingers in the 1920's part of the Carousel. Also, that freaking thing was over-engineered as far as moving several rooms with no trouble at all. Walt had awesome guys working for him.

LOL, no photography, please! Father's face didn't turn out so good, but I had to include this pic. There were only a few other people in the ride with us, all over 60. Poor Carousel...

So after the Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor (which was some really impressive interactivity), Space Mountain (which is scary as shit because I always think my head's going to get cut off), and Buzz Lightyear's Broken Ride of Shooting (CALIBRATE THE GUNS!!), it's time to do some Tea Cups. And who did I see there?

ALICE!! ALICE!! ALICE!! Oh, and the Mad Hatter too.

Squee! They're in the ride!

So after the ride, I chased them down, where I had to get in line with a bunch of kids to see them. They did a skit for me before I took this pic. It was awesome.

Woo! Obama-bot's on his way! That must be really awesome to see yourself in animatronic form. I think it's probably more awesome than being President. That's exactly why he ran for office. I know it.

I also went on the Mickey Philharmagic, and for once, I was able to see 3D! Well, as long as the things stayed on the right side of the screen. If they were more on the left, it ghosted. Not the fault of the show. Getting splashed was a shock.

Christmas Parade! I didn't see much of it because we were in Splash Mountain (when that drop comes up, you remember it). Apparently, if you believe, Disney Dreams will come true. That's what the song said. I wondered at the time if that actually works, so I believed I could have a turkey leg...

Fuck! It works! Also, what's more American than eating a turkey leg in Disney World? Nothing, I tells ya, nothing. A dream fulfilled!

This guy likes turkey legs too. The vendor said he's there everyday. There were lots of white ibises, great egrets, and boat-tailed grackles at the park; more than I've ever seen.

And this quote sums up why Disney was awesome. A TRAIN.

Hey, people in the monorail! I've always loved the Disney Monorails. Why can't we have more monorails?! They're so cool!

I thought this was a good shot of the Grand Floridian, even if we were traveling a blazing 40 mph in the monorail. Personally, I'd want to stay in the Polynesian if I ever have ALL THE MONEY. I used to want to stay in the Contemporary, but they fucked it up. You shouldn't have changed it, Disney!

And this is the best pic I think I took. As we were leaving the park, we took a spin around Epcot in the monorail. I would have liked to have gone, but we didn't have time (or the money ^_^;; ). The geodesic dome kicks all asses.

So that's Disney. I had a lot of fun. It was a bit much to go, but hell, when am I going to get another chance, huh? It's Disney!

Still have Euro and Hong Kong to go to.