It's been raining a lot lately, which is good since it's been so dry, but it's not so good because all sorts of beasties have been coming out because of the rain, like the guy above.

I was reaching under my bed for one of Cacao's toys, when I felt something slimy on my arm. I screeched and looked down to see this pus-like thing. At first I thought it was a huge mucus ball, which is gross and I had no idea where it could come from, but then it moved. I thought it was a leech at first, but then two little antennae popped out. It's a slug!

I carried the little guy outside and then came back in to clean up the slime trail he left behind on the rug. I've never seen one so big, about an inch and a quarter. Well, I've seen a banana slug, but I've never seen the little brown ones get this big. Weird.

I've been playing, uh, working with my Cintiq lately, and I'm getting better. I think I've got it calibrated right and have the correct working position. It makes poor Braeburn run hotter than usual when I use it (I suspect the video card is working hard), but other than that, no problems. I've already produced a few works, like the New Year's pic on SGVY and this:

Um... Yeah... It's weird. I don't know what the hell happened with this pic. I think it's due to me getting better with the Cintiq as I progressed, so the head being first suffered while the body turned out OK. Eh, whatever. My first attempts with a new tablet usually look weird, like this one I did with my first tablet. (Though honestly, the subject matter on both was weird to begin with. ^_^;; )

I think the piece I'm working on right now will turn out OK. Let's hope!