Howdy, everyone! It's been a while, huh? I've been really busy lately. I'd love to show you what I'm working on, but sadly it's either for someone else or spoilertastic. I could take some screenshots of the new SGVY issue, but I'm almost done. I think I won't now. Instead, I've got a lot of Animal Crossing: City Folk screenshots that I've been meaning to post. Damn Pelly can't mail more than one a day, so I had to go to the Wii, pull out the SD card, and put it into my laptop. SO FUCKING HARD... Anyway...

I've shown the Valkyrie Yuuki costume before, but...

Here's the back! I think the bow turned out pretty good. It's very popular with my animals right now.

I did this one today. Yes, you too can be a student of Montrose Academy East! Come on down to Montrose!

And here's the back of the Montrose Girl costume. I think it turned out OK.

Here's the Montrose Boy costume. It's OK looking. The back is kind of boring. I did put the Montrose Crest on the shoulder. It's small and gold with no detail though.

Here's some random shots I liked as well:

The Beak makes everything creepy! I like this pic because it's just odd.


(And there is an animal in the Valkyrie Yuuki costume.)


Brewster, being awesome.

And that's it!

The combinations!