Uwaa... I'm tired. I've been working quite a bit. Am I unhappy? Hell no! I'm working! Whee!

Above is the commission that inspired the 3D Holiday Special. The idea of doing a 3D comic had hit me already (actually at the same moment Harry Lime had the same idea, which was weird and cool), but I needed a gag. Then this commission came up, and blamo! Idea. Snowballs and 3D go together like peanut butter and bananas, except not fried in a sandwich. The dude in the back on the right is the commissioner. Thanks, dude! You saved Christmas! ^_^

Oh, keeping with that old promise of keeping everyone up to date with SGVY, here is the storyboard for 11.2. I'm looking forward to this one. It's sort of insane and fun, just like I like it.

Man, I'm feeling loopy. Probably should rest. 'Night~!

The little message lies!!