Spring has arrived! For two more days though! Snow is forecasted for this weekend. Fuck you, weather!

I'm heading to Momocon in a couple of weeks. I can't wait! I'm going to have a table, so if you have time, head on down to Georgia Tech in Atlanta this March 14-15! I'm going to be selling USB drives, T-shirts, and prints as well as doing sketches. If you have a sketch you want done, I'm up to the task! ^_^

Speaking of Momocon, I got my car checked up today to see if it was up to the trip, and no, no it wasn't. Apparently both my front tires were bald, balder than BALD. I could see the weave under the rubber in places. Fuck my town and its pockmarked roads! I swear to god, one of the main streets was stripped of asphalt for a year. And if I have to go across town, I have to off-road over the train tracks. No wonder they were in such bad shape...

I've got the storyboard for the next SGVY done! We're moving along! Some good old fashioned Montrose Academy humor returns!

Oh boy! Animal Crossing! That's where I'm a viking!