So, if you look at my Feb. 27 post, you'll see some pretty springtime flowers. Last night when I saw the weather report, I scoffed at the prediction of snow. I thought like all people who live in the semi-tropics, "LOL, we'll just get some flurries."

Boy, was I wrong.

I woke up to a snow covered lawn. The asphalt and concrete was still warm from a few days ago, so it was the perfect snow. We drove around, played in the snow, and tried to drag the dog outside. (She had none of it.)

Last year, I took this pic of a car "covered" in snow. Above is this year. Damn.


Here's the two deformed snowmen that my friends and I made. I call them Lumpy and Sag. We destroyed them soon after. Greenthoughts body slammed Sag while I landed a good kick to Lumpy's head. LOL, take that, snow!

It's all melted now, but it was a lot of fun. Now I'm going to try to stay warm.

Nine years.