Shh! I'm hiding! Nah, I'm not. I've just been up to a lot. Let's go!

There's something awesome about Freya being a miko. I made this recently for the Kami-Con ad. I'll be selling prints of it at Kami-Con. I know miko are normally dressed in red, but Freya is more the green-type.

The name of this commission is "Tough". It's the same elf girl from this commission, but now she can kick your ass! (Well, I'm sure she could before, but now she's committed to doing so.) I'm pretty pleased with the wind effect. I'm glad we didn't go with the fire.

And here's the above girl as a chibi. She's adorable!

This is a commission I did for Bastion. Please go check out his fanfiction, Terrible Things to Waste! This time I did a color picture of Tracer and Cindy. Look at that sword. I really like how the transparency turned out.

Whoa! Loki's in Animal Crossing! Nah, I just drew on Blanca's face. Not bad.

Uh, dude... I don't think you're supposed to put these two things next to each other. Oh well... Good night!

I can't believe you're calling it that.