Is it Spring yet? Not quite! The weather keeps shifting. Ah well, it's Spring in Animal Crossing!

I knew there was a Freya in AC, but I didn't know she was a PINK WOLF. That rules on so many levels. I hope she comes to my town.

Speaking of awesome animals in my town, I got Kiki! (Or is that "Jiji"? ^_~) She's so cute. Here we are modeling some clothes I made recently, the Hot Pink Kimono and the Valkyrie Mark 1.

He is... The Night Doctor.

Here's the Emo Schoolgirl outfit I made. I was going to call it the Vengeful Schoolgirl, but that wouldn't fit.

Check out this sweet computer lab! I got tired of what someone called the "Starcade," so I made this room. It brings back memories...

What's this "watch_me.avi"?