Whee! Kami-Con 2009 was a blast! We had a good old time down in T-town, and it was not football related! Here's a view from my table in the Artists' Alley. You can see my new crocheted cupcake, Big Blue Thunder, in the foreground. The girl across the way, Froggy Skyttles, is the one who made him. Man, she was fast with the hook! She needed to be because those cupcakes were selling like hotcakes, or maybe cupcakes. ^_^

And here I am at the table. That's the demo for the USB comic archive to the right of me. There was one kid who kept coming back to look at the 3D Holiday Special, so I gave him a pair of glasses.

One of the cool things they had at the con was a Maid Cafe. There were a lot of good maid costumes, and the tea was really good. I felt relaxed as I sipped tea, ate cookies, and was served by the maids. I felt like I was in a harem anime!

The Japanese maid's outfit was awesome. She diligently manned the shirt table.


I herd u liek Mudkips! I got to see Chewibunny again, and she posed with me for a pic. Her art is so cute! I bought a pic of Batman happily saying, "My parents are dead!" That's going above the desk.

I've got Fever stuck in my head! This guy was pretty awesome, and his Wario and Dr. Mario costumes were perfect.

Uh oh... Pedobear was everywhere this weekend. Here he is thinking he has caught some lolis. Joke's on him! (Or is it...? O_O;; )

Pedobear has merged with a loli! I am confused! O_O;;;;;;;;

So that's it! I had a lot of fun, and I'm definitely going back next year. You should too! Thank you, Bama SoS Brigade, for a great con!

A small jump.