Well, it's the last day of April, and it's hot... Oh well, it's going to rain, so it'll be nice for a few days. Above are the herbs I got at a plant sale a few weeks ago. They're doing pretty well! I forgot how much fun it is to grow plants. They just grow, and you sit back and get awesome garlic butter with tons of herbs. Well, you have to water and occassionally feed them, but otherwise, easy. Clockwise from the back: oregano, rosemary, SAGE, and basil. Yum!

This guy popped out of the bushes while I was taking pictures of the herbs. He watched me the entire time.

I'm still working on things, so I don't have much to show. ^_^;; I drew this at Kami-Con. It reminds me of an X-Men cover.

Back to work!

Perfect wind.