Man, I could get used to this rain thing. After three years of drought, it's finally raining again, and it is so much cooler outside. Maybe we won't have 100+ weather this year (or 40+ weather for those who are correct).

Above is the commission I did for Speedball of the characters from his comic, The Dragon Doctors. I added the dragon in the background for awesome. ^_^ The characters are from left to right: Sarin, Aki, Goro, Kili, and Mori.

The Dragon Doctors are specialists in different mystical and scientific fields who go adventuring and solve problems. They also get permanently transgendered in their first adventure. When I started the commission, I drew them all as girls since most of them are male-to-female. (I guess I had girls on the brain. ^_^;; ) So when I sent the pencils to Speedball to show him the progress, he reminded me that Mori is female-to-male. Whoops.

Fifteen minutes later, Mori's a male! It doesn't take much to transgender a character. Just move the weight around and make the features more sharp. Instant male! Works the same way in reverse, except you soften the features. Fortunately, Speedball was OK with my mistake and my fix. ^_^;; (He even posted the mistake on his comic!)

Man, today is flying by. Back to work, I guess. Later!

You have to let go.