Howdy, howdy! Today's sampling is from a commission I just finished up. In this one, Yuuki and Chiaki have drank something that has turned them into a satyr and a naga respectively. Chiaki looks very pleased, but Yuuki, who I'm sure is tired of transformations already, does not (he did turn into a centaur a while back). Oh, and those are hooves on the tips of Yuuki's fingers. He has become half-goat after all, and goats don't have nails.

And here they are with skin that matches their other half. I have to agree with the commissioner that Yuuki looks better with red skin (I originally had it a dark pink which the commissioner referred to as "sunburnt," which was spot on. ^_^;; ).

Is it really this late? Jeez, I better think about eating. Later!

It's like smelling the best thing ever.