Look out, Carmen! There's a vengeful schoolgirl behind you! I told you not to walk around at night alone! Oh well... She was a good rabbit... Time for Animal Crossing: City Folk pics! (YAY!)

Well, maybe you should be less of a bitch, Phyllis... (Nah, she's OK.)

Uh... OK, Kiki... (Actually, I wouldn't mind having a hypo-allergenic Kiki.)


If only it was that goddamn easy... Yup, I got the hero's outfit. I had to buy so many Nintendo DSi benches on 5x Points Day... At least each of the animals got one. ^_^;;

Ha ha! Nor will there be when I retire, if I do! That's hilarious!

Here's Hikaroo and me mugging Peanut. Give us your nut money, squirrel!

Hey! So do I! What a coincidence!

Aw... Time for Link to sleep. I guess that's it. Later!

What's the plan?