I wanted to post this last night, but it's hard to take pictures at night. The iPhone is OK in low light, but the artifacts are annoying. I should get a better camera, but I would feel bad buying one. Besides, I like my lighter purse since I got the iPhone. Though, cameras have gotten ridiculously small...

No, I should save my money. ^_^;;

Anyway, above is the charm I made for my new purse. That makes my purse completely modded! (I removed the magnetic clasp from the purse and replaced it with a snap. Magnets are bad for cards.) I didn't make the Hello Kitty Peppers, but I had the idea to get all three (they were originally individual mobile charms) and put them together with beads. I wanted to do apples since the purse is printed with apples, but I think this ended up better. Veggie purse!

Man, today is flying by. Fwee!

Small delight in free squash.