Yay! Otakon 2009 was awesome! It was my first year, and I must say, what a con! Let's get this report on the way!

Here I am on the road on Thursday. This was somewhere near the Tennessee/Virginia border. It was quite a drive. 15 hours! Harry Lime and I had a scare near Salem, VA, when a car belt went loose and took out power steering. Thanks to Jesus Phone and my super strength, we found a nearby mechanic and were back on the road after 1 hour. Thank you, iPhone!

When we finally made it to Baltimore, we had to get in line for our badges. This is just 1/4th through the line. The line stretched around the building. It was very well organized though. I was very impressed. Also, I got a chance to check out people's costumes while in line.

First costume shoot! This Vegita was awesome. He played the part well. Here he met up with a Trunks. IT'S OVER 9000!!

This is possibly the best photo I took all weekend, and it was just a chance shoot. Eden of the East rules, and these two look so natural as Akira and Saki. Ah! Perfect!

Fem Luffy! I love the nude colored bra!

Friday! Oh my god! A Suu! Viera! Ah! So pretty!

Chr-Chrono Trigger girls?! *dies* I once cosplayed Lucca, so this was so awesome to see these girls. By the way, this is one of my favorite teams in the game. Poyozo Dance!

If you've been to the Montrose Academy Forums, you've probably seen the RP called Yuukied. Since some of the players were going to Otakon, Sarge decided to surprise the group with a commissioned portrait of their Valkyries. It was awesome to see their faces when they realized what they were seeing. ^_^ From left to right: Loki, Syl (Arinthalas), Vera (Rorschach), Jennifer (Sarge), Liz (Raptor3K), Jaz (Hito), and Yuuki (poor Yuuki got pushed out!).

Here's Rorschach's reaction to getting the Yuukied commission. His face did look exactly like Vera's. ^_^ Thank you, Ror!

Chun Li from New Zealand! This girl was really cool. Her art was amazing, and the costume is perfect too!

Butterfly Guys! Too awesome!

It's like gaming candy... These are some parts for game sticks at a dealer's table. I had to tear myself away before I bought a Neo Geo stick for Wii.

I really liked this girl's yukata. Makes me want to dress up in crazy kimono. I loved all the rainbow plastic jewelry.

WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?! This chick ruled all asses in her Kamina costume. Someone held up her cape for an awesome photo. Too bad it's a bit blurry, but I had to add it to the report.

Whoaho! Hikaru from Angelic Layer! This costume was amazing. The ear pieces and gauntlets were so well made. O_O

Umi-chan! I love the final costume, and this is the second one I've seen. The other was a Hikaru. I've yet to see a Fuu (I want to!). So elegant...

This is Xuanwu of Okashina Okashi and his girlfriend Gina. They work on the awesome Create a Comic Project which teaches kids grammar and writing through filling in or writing their own comic strips. If you have a webcomic, you can allow the project to use your strips like I have. It's a good cause, so check it out!

It seems that it's becoming a thing that Harry Lime is attacked by one of his favorite characters at cons. Meta Knight, NOOOOOOOO!!

Dr. McNinja! This photo turned out pretty good, I think. Awesome costume!

Wah! It's KuroiTenshi, aka Don! We met at the con and hung out throughout it. She does awesome Sailormoon illustrations and writes/illustrates her own webcomic King of the Web. Check it out! I even show up! ^_^

Check out this pic that KuroiTenshi did for me! Man, that's awesome. Thank you so much! She did a cute Seiya from Sailorstars for me too. ^_^

More awesomeness from KuroiTenshi! Here's her valkyrie, Valkyrie Amai. I love the wings and lacy skirt. (And hey, the split costume showing off the boobs is nice too. ^_^ )

Awesome, Superjail. This was the last pic I took, and it's a pretty excellent one.

The following pics were taken by Harry Lime. Let's go!

Crimson Viper! Shit, that's a good costume. I wish I had been there to see her!

This dude is awesome. He posed for a few pics with his new shirt. His necklace was excellent too. Stay Awesome, Awesome Dude!

Here's me at the table! That table is bright. You cannot resist the colorfulness! You can't see it, but we had a 3D comic demo on the right. Also, note the lack of a God of Awesome T-shirt. WE SOLD OUT!! WOO!!

Artie: The Strongest Man, in the WORLD.

And here's me at work. This was possibly the best sketch I did all week: Sexy Sarah Palin. LOL! I wrote, "Drill, Baby, Drill..." on it.

Well, that's it! Thanks to all who came by the table, to those who bought something (thanks for consuming!), to the con staff (you guys rule!), Xuanwu and Gina for inviting me to be on the panels, all artists who did art trades with me, everyone who gave me a sketch, and to you who gave me a place to stay. I had an awesome time, and I can't wait till next year! Otakon 2010, here I come! (Well, next July, that is. ^_^;; )

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