HAPPY 10th

Yep! It's been 10 years since the Montrose Academy went online. Woo! Did I think it would make it this far? Sure! Just didn't know what I'd be doing. ^_^;;

Coincidentally, yesterday I found the first pages of the Jar, the comic Tom_Swan and I worked on together. It was quite a find! I had been wondering where they had gone, and they were stuffed in a sketchbook along with the first drawing of Yuuki in his armor. These are from the "Comic Book Style Jar" which was released on August 3, 1999. Man, has my style changed...

These are the pencils and inks for the first strip of the Jar which was published January 15, 2001. It follows the same script as the "Comic Book Style Jar" with some tweaks. This is actually the second strip I did. The next one is technically the first strip I did of the "Strip Jar".

This is the first strip I ever did of the relaunch of the Jar, aka "Strip Jar". It would end up being the second one published. When the "Comic Book Style Jar" was going nowhere, Tom_Swan encouraged me over the holidays in 2000 to relaunch the Jar as a strip comic that would come out twice a week. I did the pencils for this one and the one above in the coffee shop I was working at the time. I actually hand inked them back then since these were the days before tablets. I remember that little lightbox I had. Man, I do not ever want to go back to using ink. It's a bitch. Tablets rule!

And if that's not enough, I found the inks for the first page of SGVY. Holy shit! Signed, dated, and everything! I'm sure the pencils are somewhere in a sketchbook. I'll dig them up later. The hammer has really evolved over the years, and I think Yuuki's breasts have grown (in fact, I know they have). ^_^;;

At some time in the future, I am going to scan all of this including the original sketches of the Three Guys from the Jar and the original sketches of Yuuki and the Gods, and I am going to put them on the USB Comic Archive. If you already have a drive when I get around to putting this all up, you will have it on your drive! If you buy one after I put them up, you'll also have all of this! Woo!

It will be a while before I can scan everything and make a place for them in the USB Comic Archive, so please be patient. I feel this is the best way I can celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Montrose Academy, so I want to do it right. I hope you will enjoy it!

Thank you to everyone that has read, supported, and joined the insanity over the years. I want to say that I have had an AWESOME time working on both the Jar and Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki, and you guys are the ones that have made it awesome. Thank you to Tom_Swan for encouraging me, for the insane scripts, and for pushing me to do action scenes (BOOT TO THE HEAD!). Thank you to Harry Lime for all your support and love. ^_^ Thank you to my family for all your understanding. It's been awesome, y'all. Let's work towards 20 years!