I've got a lot of art to show off today! Most of it is from Otakon. First up, we have the sketch I did for Tabby that she colored AWESOMELY. Check out a bigger version here. I am very impressed with her coloring skills. O_O That tail looks awesome. I also learned of a new brush. Thank you, Tabby! ^_^

Here's the sketch I did. Hey! There's the table from Otakon in the background.

Next up is a cute little sketch from Crystal Kan. This is her character Shades, who I am in love with. She made this little sketch so I could make one of him. He's so cute!! I can't wait to see more of him.

I can't keep the beach off my mind! (Chiaki and Loki seem to have theirs somewhere else!)

Streaks of cool.