Man, it's been a busy month. @_@ But we'll get to that in a minute. Art comes first! This is a piece I did for Kuroitenshi, who did some awesome pieces for me recently, of her character Sailor Titan. You can check out her story here and check out some of Kuroitenshi's art of her here. I dig the whole magical girl thing (imagine that!), so I just had to do this for her. I think it ended up being a bit too shiny, but I guess that's OK since she's a Sailor Senshi. She's powering up or something. ^_^;;

Back to happenings! I'm moving to Rhode Island, land of my birth. It's been crazy since I didn't know until the middle of last week. I knew I was going to move, but where, I did not. Now I do, and I'm running around trying to get things ready. I'm excited! Lots of new things to do and learn about! ^_^

Wish me luck, y'all. I've got quite a drive ahead of me. Vroom!

Switch the numbers around.