Well, it's been an eventful month. Harry Lime got his doctorate, and we moved from Alabama to Rhode Island. 23-fucking-hundred miles! Whee~! Leroy the Outback is doing well considering he pulled a trailer over the Appalachians. I'm not so sure about my own body (I'm so bruised!). Now all I await is Internet... (Verizon FTW!!)

I took this pic of the Upper Deck of the George Washington Bridge in NYC our FIRST time up to Rhode Island (I had to do the trip again a week later O_O;; ). As touristy as it sounds, I was in awe as I went over it. It's New York City! That place on TV!

I've been doing art for Momocon lately! Here's the piece I did for their Pretty in Pink Charity Ball. I'm so sad I didn't get to go (I was on the road!). T-T I decided that since it was for the Komen Foundation, I'd give her nice size mammaries (and even if it wasn't, I would have any way. ^_^;; ).

And here's the piece I did for Momocon 2010. The theme is "Music", so I thought it'd be fitting to do an idol singer. Well, a magical girl idol singer (is there any better kind?). I like how exaggerated she is. The hornet is pretty cute too! ^_^

Well, like I said on SGVY, I'm off to stare at my overheating computer and wish there was Internet. Later!

Lots of activity.