Hey, maaaaan! Welcome to the Surf Shack! I finally found my SD card reader, so I can post my ACCF photos. Woo! I thought I had lost it in the move.

Yup! I've caught every fish in the game. I did it when I caught the Arapaima. Damn fish was hard to catch, but I recently had some time. I've been sick a lot lately (sore throat, migraines), so I've been forcing myself to rest by playing ACCF. Sadly, I won't be able to catch all the bugs till next year because I didn't get all of the August bugs. I could time travel, but I'm going to resist the urge.

MERGE! This awesome glitch occurred when I was playing with Kevin the other day. I was trapped for about two minutes. Harry Lime likened it to the merging in Automan. LOL.

It's like itching that thoughts cannot reach.