Uwaaa... The weather is shifting violently here. My brain and ear feel like they're going to explode. Last week it was cold, and this week it's hot. Make up your damned mind, external thermostat! Oh well, these guys were able to fruit thanks to the weather. So cute!

Cacao's loving it though. Lots of sun! Soak it up, little dog. The cold is on its way.

Uh... This is something I've never seen. They actually sell them fertilized? Why?! I once got an egg with an almost formed chick in it, but I'm sure that was a mistake (and how the hell did that happen anyway? Maybe a mix up?). I should have fried it up. Oh well.

Now to business. I just got Autodesk's SketchBook Mobile for the iPhone. It's sweet! I got the trial this afternoon, and after playing around with it, I went ahead and bought the full version (took me only 10 minutes to decide). Not bad for $2.99! Above is something I drew with my finger. When I get my stylus for the iPhone tomorrow, I'll show you the results. I'm excited!

Well, I'm off. 'Night!

When I have the courage, perhaps negotiations can begin.