Whee~! I decided I wanted to draw a maid for the Katsucon ad for the main page of SGVY, so I went with a sexy Shebi in a maid costume. I'm really happy with the background. It looks like a foil card when there's no light shining on it. Yeah. Anyway, I'll be selling this and other prints at Katsucon.

Here's a close up of the cake. I was inspired by the awesome cakes of Japan. So pretty, eating one is a sin. That's why they're the perfect offerings to computer girlfriends.

I've switched to Snow Leopard! I would have upgraded earlier, but I needed a new scanner (and time for Apple to work the bugs out). Hell if I was going to use Rosetta so I could keep my 7-year-old scanner that was 2mm off track. Sometimes... we have to... let... go... *sniff*

So far I like 10.6. It seems smoother, and I like some of the new graphical changes. Also, Time Machine rules. I was able to migrate all of my settings perfectly from Leopard. Yes! It's so easy! Happy Go Lucky!

Is it snowing again? Either that or the world is static-y again.

Wear that shirt like you mean it.