Well, we are gathered here today to mourn the passing of Blogger's FTP service. It served SGVY well for seven years, but now, we have to let go. Well, we're being forced to, but still... Fortunately, there's the Sketchbook software which will be taking up the slack...

Wait, why am I mourning? Blogger sucks! I've had nothing but fits with it, especially when making mini-stores. That's why I had Sketchbook made in the first place! I wanted something that wasn't buggy and worked the way I wanted. Oh well! Good bye, Blogger!

Above is a banner I've been working on. The original file is a vector, and it's huge, 33.5"x79". It took a while to get the text just right. I really like the big bold "SGVY". Also, not a bad Yuuki. ^_^

Next week is Katsucon! Whee!

Like talking to the wall, it's cold.