Yay! Spring is here! It's been a gorgeous day today after all the rain. It really did a doozy here in New England. They've finally opened I-95 back up, but it looks pretty bad out there. Fortunately, the flood waters are going down. I hope they'll be able to fix it all up quickly and people can get back to normal.

Well, SGVY's Rant de Kittyhawk is gone. Blogger is pulling the plug on FTP publishing on May 1, so the Montrose Academy IT Dept. has gone ahead and moved the blog to Facebook. I have to admit I wasn't too enthusiastic about it at first, but now I love it. I really like that I can be connected to so many people, and the iPhone app is AWESOME. Sure, there are a few gripes, like how Facebook JPEGs the hell out of photos when you upload them on the site (yes, I realize some people upload 5 MB photos, but I've already resized them! GAH!), but I think the experience has been good so far.

I know that some people can't see Facebook because it's blocked, and that really sucks they can't see the news feed. I wish I could unblock it, but I can't. Sorry! I will still be updating the Twitter with news, and the comic has an RSS feed for the newest updates. Also, I will continue to do posts here at Sketchbook, like this one. So do not worry! I've got your SGVY news covered! ^_^

I thought I had posted this before, but apparently not! It's been a crazy few months. ^_^;; Anyway, I did this for Momocon, and they used it for the guest badge! Check it out:

That's so awesome! I didn't get one even though I was a guest, but that's OK. I was just happy to see it. I did have a really cute and bright dealers'/artists' badge, though. ^_^

I was recently cleaning stuff up (my desk was pretty messy after Momocon), and I found this. I did this back in 2000! Damn! I don't know why I still had it, but it did remind me that I still had the art from when I ran a Cardcaptor Sakura fan site, "The *Cutie Cutie* Card Captor Sakura Page" (yep, I've always loved long titles). Here's the original:

I used to only color with Prismacolor Markers. Then I discovered Photoshop and the joy of ⌘Z, and I tossed all my dry markers into the trash. Whee! No more art supplies! (Though, I still drool over them...)

I also found a lot of old Blue Angel Jessie and the Jar artwork too. I need to make more backups of them...

A paint function was just added to Noby Noby Boy for iPhone! It's pretty cool. The first thing I drew was Yuuki. You can also use Boy as a brush and stamp, which leads to some trippy, Modern-looking art, like on the right.

Well, gotta go. Hope y'all are enjoying Spring/Autumn! Later!

Forever Sketchbook.