Whee! Work, work! That's what I've been up to lately. Speaking of work, check out what I just finished. This is a portrait of David Tennant I did for Nyami. It took me a while, but I think it turned out OK. I had fun working on the tie and the hair (look at those highlights!).

I've been playing around with the Manga Studio EX 4 demo lately.


Now I know what you're thinking, and I bet it's exactly what I though: "Hey, Kittyhawk, isn't that crap software? I mean, it's probably like a 'DRAW AWESOMU MANGA-RU!!' book."

Well, I'm here to say it's fucking awesome. For a long time, I've wanted Photoshop and Illustrator to have a love child, one that combined the best qualities of both (and I guess all the bad qualities can go into Danny DeVito. Perfect). I think this might be it. I have only been using for three days now, but I'm impressed with how smooth it runs, how much less processor and RAM intensive it is (I'm looking at you, Photoshop), and how simple it is. I have a few gripes, like having to put the cursor outside the window in order to zoom in/out or undo without clicking a billion times. I think it's the Cintiq, though. I need to play around with color, but I have a feeling I'm not using Photoshop for comics much longer. I guess I need to get the full version. ^_^;;

Oh, what's that page from? SECRET PROJECT (LOL, I guess not so secret).

So recently I got enough Club Nintendo "coins" to get the prize I've wanted since I saw it available on the Japanese Club Nintendo: HANAFUDA CARDS!! Nintendo got its start selling hanafuda cards back in 1889, so it's awesome they have a set of Mario-themed hanafuda cards as a thank-you for loyal customers. Let's check it out!

Aw, thanks! I'm glad you like my "valuable input". ^_^;; (Actually, this is really cute.)

So here is the case. I didn't expect it to be made of plastic. I expected it to be paper. It's so freaking Japanese toy, it hurts! I'm having flashbacks!

Man, this is a serious case. I was afraid I'd break it with my amazing Kittyhawk strength, but it's pretty durable.

Open! Oh my god, there's a small package inside!

It's so pretty...

It's so small!

Here's the other side. Check out the hidden Mario characters in the cards. ^_^

And finally the bottom. Nintendo seal! So cool! I'd break them open, but it's so exquisite, I can't bring myself to do it yet. Maybe I'll build my courage up and break the little paper seals on the sides. The cards must be so tiny... *swoon*

The snow may be far gone, but the snow of pear petals is in full effect. Spring! Later!

I can see a change.